Acai ForceMax Scam Warning

Acai ForceMax Review: Maximum Acai Scam?!

Acai ForceMax is a new product from Acai Burn scammers. This product is  intended to help men lose weight and gain muscle, looks sexy, enlarge pe**s, enhance sperm count and become a master on bed! ( okay, some jokes there!).


Acai Force Max Scam!

Acai Force Max Scam!


Alright, the important points to note is, the products contains some weight loss ingredients like Garcinia cambogia extract and berry nutriflex etc which can aid some weight loss if taken for a longer period, though it is not the best solution.

I just wanted to give fair warning to people who wants to try this product.

*DON”T try Acai ForceMax if you want to live with peace of mind!*

If you try it, your life will become hellish.

If you give your credit card number to the company to get free trial, you will be enrolled into deceptive auto shipment program wherein your credit card will be billed month after month for product that you haven’t bought or product you are not going to use! Your effort to cancel the subscription will going to  vain for sure.

I already took AcaiForceMax Trial What should I do?

First thing you need to do is, call your credit card company and ask them to cancel your credit card first. If you have found some unauthorized charge on your credit card, tell them that you did not authorize those charges. Even, if you don’t get refund, you’ll be protected from future charges.

You can read more about Acai ForceMax here.

Also read the complete review of Acai Burn here.

Remember this: Free trial offer which requires credit card= Most probably a scam!


  1. It’s a scam they did the samething to me, report them to the FTC and IC3…..I sent the product back as soon as i got it and asked for a refund, they wouldn’t give me a refund so i asked for the product back atleast trying to get something back for the 86.93 they debited, which account i had to close, never recieved a product and or a refund! it’s a total scam! If your affected by them please file a complaint with the FTC and IC3 enclosed i have the following URL’s for complaints. Stop these SCAMMers!

    Internet Crime Complaint Center:

    Federal Trade Commission:

  2. Same again, sent me the trial pack and after trial period charged me AU$140 for bottle of 14 pills. When contacted they told me the amount on the website was in pounds but clearly states AUD$69. They have my card details and do not trust them to try bill me again so have contacted bank to stop any payments to them. I suggest if you have trailed it fromLB Cybernet Entertaiment LTD in the UK, then report to you bank to stop any payments to them.