AffiloJetPack Review – Push Button Affiliate Marketing Kit

AffiloJetPack Review – Mark Ling’s Push Button Affiliate Marketing Kit


Mark Ling is all set to release his new make money online (for doing nothing?) product, AffiloJetPack very soon. I wanted to quickly publish this review before the whole internet gets zapped with 1000’s fake reviews/bonuses and scams!

Affilojetpack Quick Overview:

The whole idea of this entire package is to easily build a simple affiliate website > Build a targeted subscribers list > And let the auto responder do the hard work for you.

Who can Can Use it?

AffiloJetpack can be used by absolute newbie affiliate markets and experienced marketers. This package is targeted towards people who failed in SEO and who can’t afford expensive PPC marketing.

What you are getting with Affilo JetPack?

This is an affiliate marketing promotional materials with tools and resources to quickly build a website. Here is the list of all the stuffs you are getting for your $500 investment without any HYPE!

  • You are getting 5 out of 10 Niche marketing packs. I guess these are well converting, non-fad, and non-seasonal niches. So you don’t have to waste countless hours researching “the perfect” niche!
  • Each Niche packs come with 80 auto responder emails, sequenced for a year. These include high quality information, hard sell email written by Mark Ling himself and all those scarcity tricks.
  • You get 3 ebooks per niche. So you can give it away to your subscribers as a signup bonus (bribe!)
  • You also get 20 articles per niche. So you can publish it on your website. Rewrite it and submit to Article directories.

The Tools:

  • You get free hosting account for a year. I guess it is one hosting account with the ability add additional domains.
  • You also get custom made WordPress theme which you can further modify easily.
  • There are also 3 header graphic available for each niche. Not a big deal!
  • You also get training to get fast and easy traffic to your website. Mark says there is no SEO involved.

How can AffiloJetpack be used?

  • Use it to create an SEO site by re-wording the website articles.
  • Slap it up on a website and send traffic straight to the squeeze pages and rely on the autoresponder series to do all the heavy lifting as far as sales are concerned. (No need to reword the articles in this case… PPC doesn’t care!)
  • Use the content to bolster an existing site. A lot of affiliates don’t get around to creating an autoresponder sequence, so they can simply plug this one in to start building long-term relationships with a list through quality emails. They’ll also make consistent sales from these

Update 27th July 2010:

The AffiloJepack is now launched. You probably received few dozen email promoting it.

How to Join Affilojetpack Affiliate Program?

It looks like lots of people want to buy Jetpack from their own affiliate code! Generally it’s so easy with ClickBank

But sorry friend. You can’t buy this product using your own affiliate link though it’s a Clickbank product! You must have an “approved” clickbank affiliate link. Smart Mark Ling closed his affiliate program already (obviously to prevent people fro buying through their own link)

Now you got two options:

  • Buy from some other affiliate. Check the bonus
  • Or Don’t buy it at all!

The choice is yours 🙂


  1. Waken | NetBizSimplified says:

    Hey RB,
    I sometimes really wonder.. what is your main income source.

    Well, everybody like your honest review and the way you say it (the humorous yet straight to the point) but why did you always left out the link (and perhaps your affiliate link) to the product being reviewed.

    I am sure there are readers eager buying through your links because of your honest review and style all this while.

    Insert your link RB!


  2. Yeah, I wondered about the lack of links too! I wonder how much training will be given for newbies cause most that are completely new to setting up sites won’t have a clue about how it all works – or how to fix it if it breaks!

    Still $500 for five of these sites ain’t too bad compared to what it would cost an individual to set up their own site, or what some programs charge a monthly fee for a similar deal eh?

    Keep up the good work :o)

  3. If you guys read the whole review then it can only be assumed that RB didn’t get approved for the affiliate program because it was already closed. So even if he wanted to recommend the product, he couldn’t give you a link.

    Honestly I like how this was done. Mark is a smart guy although sometimes I wonder about him.

    The fake reviews though, I don’t worry about them because that is starting to become an ineffective model. People are starting to see through them and going for reviews like this one and other sources like the Warrior Forum.

    So if those guys can’t do better they’re going to have to go back to their day job soon.

  4. Mark Ling
    is a solid individual and a straight shooter. He is one of a very few that in my opinion actually care about the people that buys his products. He never says it is without work, or any of that. I have purchased his products in the past and can tell you in my opinion he is rare. I have actually sent in an email and received a long response directly from Mark himself, not one of his staff. What person that has had his level of success does that? Personally I only know of him and maybe one other. What you get in the jetpack program is worth it. The autoresponder messages you get is worth the cost of the program, by themselves, not counting everything else. You sit down and try to put together emails that will go out over the course of 1 year and see how long it takes you to do it, you can alter them or do whatever with them but you have a very good idea from them instead of starting from scratch. I like the honest reviews on this site as well.

  5. will you please sort out the colour of your writing as i cant make out what its saying?!

  6. James Cavendish says:

    Thanks ever so much for your post, it is always enjoyable to find a real writer. I will be sure to hand this on to my affiliates at my site. Thank you