Automated Cash Formula Review

Make Money Online; Do Nothing! The Automated Cash Formula:

Again I spent $37 on a IM product. This time it’s called “Automated Cash Formula” by Dave Gale. After reading the ebook I searched on the net for its review. I could only find lots of bogus affiliate reviews. So I decided to write this unbiased review ( as always)

The Claim:

Make money on the internet without a website, a product, investment, traffic or marketing. Just spend few hours for research; send few mails and see cash rolling to your bank account- hands free!

The Formula:

JV brokering: In simple words “two tier affiliate programs.”

The Concept;

Recruit an army of sub-affiliates in any niche market; leverage your sub-affiliates effort; make small commission from sales made by your sub-affiliates.

If you are an experienced marketer, by now you should have understood this concept. And I cannot reveal exact step-by-step details of this concept as it is a paid product.

My Opinion:

This NOT a new concept as the author claims. This concept has been discussed on most of IM discussion forums. And I know few people who make pretty decent money doing it. This formula “may” work for you. But personally it’s not worth my time. And if you are one of those very “fortunate people” you would probably make a small fortune.

As you probably know, 5% marketers make 95% of the money. To make this formula really work you have to recruit those 5% marketers; that’s a tough job because those top marketers always get tons of JV proposals and deal requests. And you’d be very lucky to recruit 1 out of 100 proposals. But if that one person can make you hands-free money why not?

The Pro’s:

Reasonably well written step-by-step document on how to find a niche market; how to find a good affiliate program which pays decent two tier commission in your niche; how to find potential sub-affiliate who got high traffic site/list…. in a wizard format. It also contains a sample proposal letter for affiliate recruitment.

The Con’s:

I have already mentioned it in “my opinion.”

Scam Alert…Fake Income Claim!

I know many people would visit this page searching for “Automated Cash Formula Scam” etc… that’s a recent trend!

The author, Dave Gale is claiming that he made exactly $5327.81 using his method. I’m not sure if he really made that much money (or really made any money) using his technique. To justify his claim he is showing a screen shot of his earning. If you are a smart marketer you’ll realize that he is showing a screen shot taken from ClickBank account. Currently Click bank doesn’t have two tier affiliate program. So his income claim is fake!

Update on 18th February

Deve Gale realized his mistake of fake income claim after reading this review. Now he’s showing screenshot of Paypal account instead of ClickBank. However, he failed to justify that he earned that sum from two tier affiliate program !


Although this technique is doable I’m not confident enough to fully recommend this product mainly because of over-hyped sales letter and fake income claims.

Still Want to Buy it?

You have two options.

You can buy it using my affiliate link which helps me to write even more unbiased reviews.

Or directly goto the site

PS: The cost of this ebook is $37 with $67 up-sell and $19 ditch-sell… go try it… 🙂

Updated on 27th November 2007

I’ve received lots of requests to review various IM product through contact form. I cannot afford every products out there though I buy lots of stuffs every month. The following products review will be published very soon. (I bought all of them recently)

Some product publishers have sent free copy to me for a review. I’ll review them when I get enough time.

The repeated question people are asking me is “Which is the best product/system out there?”

My answer is “Wealthy Affiliate” – As long as you are a member of Wealthy affiliate you never have to buy another IM product, ebook or software. At the time of writing this I’m a member of WA for more than 14 months. Join WA today- you’ll never regret your decision. And if you join through my link you’ll get my own “Wealthy Affiliate’s Quick Cash Formula” for free. This product is not available for sale. Just forward your receipt to admin(at)

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  1. Harvey Glance says:

    All you guys are "trippin" ….I make good money mowing lawns and with my newspaper route….~!

  2. Reviewboss,

    When will you be posting the review for Latif’s Google snatch? I actually wanted to buy a copy of that. But I see you already gave it a negative. So I’m putting it on hold for the moment till I read your review.


  3. Hi to anyone out there HELP!!!!!!

    Can some one review a program called Clickbank Pirate?

    Reason? I'm new on IM, I've been bombarded by these poeple to buy the program of them.

    Although I'm new and I don't know what to look for if it's Legimitate or Falls?

    Getting back to Automated Cash Formular? I've already bought it at 27$us's. Thanks for the Reap-Off.

    Thanks you guys out there for been very helpful in your REVIEWS.

    Thank you
    Tom (Melbourne) Australia
    Friday 27 Nov.2009 9:44 P.M.

  4. Hello,
    I want to work online to won money but i not found nobody serios because everybody beg me money but he don’t gives me the certitudine i won money so i’m asking you what he beging me money if they know how won money?
    Sincerely:Mihai Fazacas

  5. I purchased the Automated Cash Formula, VIP and all before reading your article. I got as far as getting a password and then when entering the member site my screen froze. Had to quit out. Would have been nice to have received an email with the link to the login page. I have no idea how to get back back there. Does anyone have the link? Appreciated

    • Good luck with that I did get that program also, and my website does not work, it won’t redirect prospects to the sales video. I have submitted more than 20 tickets for the past week and nothing. The worst part, I asked for a refund and they denied it. The allegation is that you have to request it within 72 hrs. of the purchase.

      I hope you have better luck than me.

  6. Im thinking of getin automated cash formula but is it a scam or do people actually make money.Can someone reply back please. ta