Best Valentines Day Gift Sites 2009

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and Shopping Sites For 2009:

The great Valentine’s Day is back again. It’s tough time especially with global economy struggling. It’s time to save money…not  to spend. I spent many hours researching unique, romantic and very affordable valentine’s day gifts sites and made a list below.

I hope you’ll find it usefull.

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

Bring Smile On Your Valentine’s Face: 🙂

How about sending a personalized video greeting card to your lover? What’s more… you can even add your own voice to it!

Find all those pictures and videos you have taken with your Digi-Cam/ Mobile-phone and make a stunning  cool Video-Greeting card. Just shout "I Love You Honey" an record it… SmileBox can make it all for FREE!

Smilebox Valentine Day Greeting Card Generator

SmileBox: Unique Personalized V-Day Greeting Card Generator:

Smile Box V-Day Offer Details:

Gift Type: Personlized greeting card generator with photos, music and video!

Product Type: Software

Price: $0 (Free)

V-Day Special Offer: Get 14 day free trial of premium software features for free!

Product Link:


 Give a Personalised Gift:

Personalized gifts come in all shapes and sizes and as do the styles of personalization. Gifts like jewelry – including bracelets, rings, lockets, and pocket watches – often feature a first name or perhaps initials. Gifts with a larger surface area, such as pub signs, mugs, flasks, travel gear, and sports-related items, might include more lengthy personalization, such as a full name or even a message. 

Personalised Gift

a Gift Personalised: Unique Personalized V-Day Gift Sets:

Gift Type: Great selection of personalized and engraved gifts. These gifts are ideal for both men and women.

Product Type: General

Price: Starting From $15

Special Velentines Offer: 10-30% off on all orders depending on order price and volume.

Site Link:

Flowers – The Real Symbol of Love:

Sending flower is especially important to your female lover! No argument…"Woman love flowers…" Even if you forget to send a greeting card don’t forget to gift a flower bouquet. Flower can be delivered to your girl on the same day if she is located elsewhere.

V day flowers

Flora 2000: Unique Personalized Valentines Day Flower Bouquet:

Flora200 V-Day Offer Details:

Gift Type: Send personlized fresh, unique and stylish flower bouquet to 150 countries the same day!

Product Type: Flowers

Price: $9 to $35

V-Day Special Offer: 12% discount on all orders. Use coupon code "VAL2K9" on checkout page.

Product Link:

Timeless Love Message in a Bottle:

Voted Most Romantic Gift on the Web on the Oprah Show! Timeless Message in a Bottle is a Romantic Valentine Gift of Unmatched Quality and Elegance. The Ultimate Romantic Gift. A Gift that speaks to the heart like no other. A Forever Treasure and Keepsake.

Timeless Message

Timeless Message Valentine Day Offer Details:

Gift Type: Send personlized love message inside a bottle and express your deep love! You can give this gift to him/her.

Product Type: General

Price: $25 to $135

V-Day Special Offer: 10-30% off on all orders depending on order price.

Site Link:

Gourmet Gift Sets for V Day:

How about sending a box full of delicious gourmet foods? This is especially convenient if you and your lover are located in different locations. Send his/her favorite yummy chocolate and say "I love you as much as I love these chocolates!"

Gourmet Valentines Day Gift

Delicious Valentine’s Day Gourmet Gift Box

Gift Type: Send a box ful of chocolates, gourmet foods to your loved one. You can even send a bottle of wine or champaign! Everyone loves it…so it can be gifted to your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Product Type: Food & Wine

Price: $50 to $150

Special Offers: All products are already discounted for Valentines day promotion.

Website Link:

Fragrance – The Love Igniter:

Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love for that special person in your life. People usually celebrate this by giving gifts that will remind that special someone of your love every time they use it. Perfumes are one of the best gifts for Valentine’s day.

Sensational Perfumes For Valenties Day

Gift Type: is a place where you get a collection of perfumes that dazzles our imagination. Give your partner the fragrance that she/he likes… and you just swim/drown in that fragrance.

Product Type: Fragrance

Price: $25-250

Special Offer: Upto 50% off on most of the products. Get free shipping on order value $70 and above.

Website Link:

Memorable Gifts: Say I Always Remember You:

Valentine’s Day is a special opportunity to express and strengthen the beautiful bond of love you share with your sweetheart. Make the most of this romantic, exotic day by sending a memorable gift to your loved one.

Memorable Valentine Gifts

Unique and Memorable Valentines Day Gifts

Gift Type: The beauty of personalized gifts is creating something very special and unique. Personalized Gifts for rewarding that special person.

Products Type: General Gift Merchandises.

Product Price: Starting from $10

Special Offer: All products are heavily discounted for Valentine Day.

Website Link:


Romantic Gifts: For Intimate Romance!

Often, couples do not know where to buy a gift for their lover and has what they want. Stores at the mall and in their town probably don’t have what they are looking for. is a great source for hard to find romantic gifts.

Romantic Valentine Gifts

Romantic Valentine Gifts For Intimate Love!

Gift Type: The selection of physically oriented items for couples is great around the Valentine’s day holiday. They feature items that men and women can enjoy in the privacy of their own home.

Product Type: Mature/Adult

Price: Starting from $20

Special Offers: Get 10% discount on your order. Use Coupon code "Welcome" This is additional discount on already discounted price.

Website Link:



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