Bypass 2 Silmball Review

Is Bypass 2 Silmball bypass to become slim or bypass to lose money?

Everyone who has tried Bypass 2 Slimball slimming pills is complaining and bashing the diet product in bitter words. Not even one single user you will get online who is happy with the bypass to slimballs. Just google “Bypass 2 Slimball”, all you would get is complaints and grieves.

What is this Bypass 2 Slimball?

These are slimming pills sold by European2 Laboratories which are claimed to have the tendency to expand when taken with water and fill stomach and thus reducing food intake.

How does Bypass to Slimball work? (according to sellers)

slimballThese are appetite suppressing blue diet pills which are claimed to fill the stomach and make you feel full. These are said to be made from digestible fibre that expands and swells in the stomack and fills it making us to eat less. This if happens, as they claim, can lower calories intake making body to use stored fat for energy and thus help lose weight.

Bypass 2 Slimball Ingredients:

We could not find any official website selling the miracle slimballs. So we had to depend on other websites and forums for a list of ingredients.

As per user responses, the Slimballs contains;

  • Glucomannan (amorphophallus konjac) 200 mg – Natural fibre
  • Green tea (camellia sinesis) 66 mg – Weight loss aid with caffeine
  • Spirulina 60 mg – Unusually high Protein herb
  • White kidney bean ( phaseolus vulgaris) 60 mg – Fat binder
  • Bladderwrack (fucus vesiculosus) 45 mg – Thyroid stimulant, metabolism booster

Other ingredients include Microcrystaline Cellulose, Mannitol, hydroxpropyl Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Sugar Granulated, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Blue #2.

Another version says the Slim ball Bypass pill is made out of Karaya Gum (laxative, thickener), Pectina of March (strong Fruit acid), magnesium oxid ( antacid & laxative).

Whatever it may be doesn’t really matter, as the product itself looks like fake and a Big Scam.

Can you lose weight with Bypass to slimball?

No. not even a single user, who has shared his/her experience online, is happy with the results. Moreover they complain about worst responses from customer care department in handling refund related queries. Hardly a few could get refunds.

Where from one can buy Bypass to Slimball?

Their official website ( if any) is hiding somewhere. Probably they have made enough money and stopped selling it now.

From the user reviews, we could sense that they sell these by sending spam mails. If you get such mails delete/ complain/ ignore them.

You have 10’s of better options.

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  1. I have to say the slim balls do work just like they say.You haveto take the right dosage.Don’t think you are going to take less than recommended,it dosen’t work like that if, you are a large person your stomach is larger than a smaller persons stomach therefore, you need more pills to fill up the space . You will feel full and you will loose weight. Try it.

  2. Hi i just want to say i have not ordered slim ball yet but i definitely am, i'm a bank teller and a customer walked in. I haven't seen her in about 2 weeks she had lost weight i asked how she did it and she said her doctor recommended her the pills and lost 10Lbs in 1 WEEK!!!! I was in complete shock. she did say she is taking them with the alli pills but has been taking alli's for 6 month just to maintain her weight but asoon as she took these pills she lost the 10.WOW!!!!! However i do understand that what works for some will not always work for all i'm sooooo excited to try them. Thanks shelly for the number will order from there.

  3. Shelly, I want to know if your at the weight u wanna be now and if u have kept it off? i just ordered the product and im a little skeptical of the product. and how much have u spent. i want to lose about 50 ble and i know that will not happen over night. but i just want an idea of how long it may take last entry was 34 lbs and 7 weeks. should i figure at 3-4 months? and do u work there cause you're just so excited about it!! Thanks take care

  4. Can you only order the slimball over the phone or can it be ordered online? I read somewhere that they are no longer sold in store anywhere? Is this true or is there somewhere I can go and buy it.

  5. Hi, Shelly

    Could u tell me some more of different meals u eat n how much.I started taking my Slim Balls on Fri. today is Mon. n it shows I have lost 4 3/4 lbs.I don’t want 2 eat 2 much but I want 2 eat enough.I do get a little hungry between meal, what do u suggest. I take 3 pill with each meal.

    • how much weight have you lost so far? how long have you been taking them? i would like to buy them as well but i don’t want to fall into a scam.

  6. for this info to say that absolutely nobody lost weight with this is pure evil and its wrong for this to say every one had bad things to say about this product people need hope things will work iam ordering the product and i know it will work for me its mind things speak what you need in to exisistence your mouth is a powerful object.

  7. You are correct. The dose is the key. It does work. I lost 35 pounds in about 3 months. You have to do it exactly the way they tell you too and it will work.

  8. you know one things i noticed about people they dont want hope for anyone 9 times out of ten they are even over weight or didnt even follow the directions on the dosage or the product it self and that kets me know that people want to see dramatic results but dont wanna follow simple direction for the certain amont of weight they wanna lose i just wish people would stop doing this we all need hope cause it helps with the weight lose iam ordering still i dont care what anybody says its works i have belief in it your mouth is powerful speak what you want in to existence and god will be right there to help ytou make it happen and miracles and doors will open.