Capsiplex Diet Pill- Scam or Fad?

Capsiplex – Best Weight Loss Pills for the New Year?

Capsiplex diet pill

Capsiplex, the red hot chili based slimming tablet is ready to capture people, from all the corners of the UK, who have made New Year weight loss resolution.

It is getting huge publicity through Newspapers and online news portals very fast. The Daily Mail, The Sun, Express have already featured Capsiplex as an miraculous invention in the slimming tablets industry.

The famous Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Brad Pitt are being featured on Capsiplex official website giving us a notion that it the secret behind their sexy, slim and fit bodies. Even media is endorsing Capsiplex as the diet pill of these celebrities.

Does Capsiplex really work?

When combined with regular exercises Capsiplex might work. Concentrated red hot chili extract, the major ingredients, is clinically proven to burn cumulative average of 278 more calories before, during and after exercises, the major mart of those being the calories burned after exercises.

But without any exercises it is less likely to have noticeable effect on metabolic rate and thereby weight.

Visit official website for more details.


Red hot chilis or capsicum extracts are the main ingredients while it also has small amount of caffeine. To minimize the side effects of concentrated red hot capsicum extracts, it also uses some coating for the tablets.

Capsiplex Highlights


  • Clinically proven to aid weight loss: The ability of red hot chili extracts, the main ingredient of Capsiplex, to boost metabolic rate is proven in clinical trials. Official website gives details on clinical study findings.
  • Patented coating agents are used on the tablets to nullify the side effects of red hot chilies.
  • The official website provides company name and contact address.Looks like a genuine slimming supplement.
  • Proven to burn up to 278 more calories before, during and after exercise.
  • Increases energy by burning more carbs and fat calories.
  • Featured on Daily Mail, The Sun, Express and many online news portals as an effective slimming aid.
  • Is offering 50% discount with its appetite suppressing supplements.


  • Exercise is a must for noticeable results: It claims that it can burn up to 278 more calories. But these are not just the calories burned without exercise. These are the total average calories burned before, during and after exercise. So without any exercise, these might not be very effective.
  • Capsiplex Side effects: It has small amount of caffeine. So caffeine related side effects are not likely to occur.
  • Not many user reviews and feedbacks are available online.

Where to buy Capsiplex?

It can be purchased only online from its official website. It is neither available at any high street stores nor with chemists.

It can be bought at £24 – £30 per box depending on the package one selects.

With additional appetite suppressing supplements Capsiplex sellers are now offering 50% discount. For details visit official website Capsiplex.Com.

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  1. Where I can buy Capsiplex on line ?

  2. capsiplex türkiye says:

    Capsiplex from Turkey who want to buy you can visit our web site.

  3. Hi..
    Regarding Capsiplex and their new formula CAPSIPLUS (same but with added acia berry for detox) you should visit the true maker of this chilli diet pill ie: bodyscoop ltd at or
    They are not in the head lines but they stipulate that the capsiplex diet pill does work better when associated with exercises. I spoke to the health/customer support department and when I asked them about the so call miracle pill that does it all for you they replied: “We strongly recommend to exercises and to follow a healthy diet program, if you spend your time in from of the TV stuffing yourself with junk food it simply won’t happen and it will be a waste of money, Capiplex does help and has a thermogenic? Effect but it will not change your life unless you take control”!
    I thought to myself that person (nicole) was crazy and arrogant at first ,I decided to give it a go anyway and ordered a bottle and started exercises while taking the tablets (1 a day), exercised 3 times a week and followed their recommended diet (the first week is a killer!!) . Anyway, I managed to go from size 16 to a confi 12. That is the best slap and wake up call I received talking to this person !!! she also pointed to the fact that we eat too much food while some people are starving in the world (made me feel guilty!) so the company is giving 20 pens for every orders to designated associations which they go and control physically and on a regular basis!! to be honest with you I have never seen a company like this one. I am now going to buy their new improved formula ( CAPSIPLUS) with acai berry as I want to speed things up for the summer and get rid of the toxins. after all those festive months I need detox as well as boosting my metabolism!!!

  4. michelle says:

    hi my names michelle ive just bought my first batch of capsiplex ,ive tied everything else so fingers crossed this will work im size 12,need to be size 10 by 24 june for a wedding so i will keep you informed

  5. connie1956 says:

    I have just ordered a bottle of 30 pills and wish to combine taking them with exercise a couple of times a week. Do you have to vigorously work out with these tablets or can you exercise normally without sweating your guts out? Is 30 pills enough to lose about 10 kilo’s?

  6. I have been using capsiplex for 6 weeks and in that time I have lost 14lbs (exactly 1 stone and one dress size). I combine taking the pill with a 1 hour session in the gym 5 days per week.
    I still eat chocolate and sweets!
    Like anything else you’ve got to do a little of the work yourself.
    Am not sure that eating fried chicken, pizza, and kebabs whilst taking the pill will work though! But of all the diet pills I have tried over the years this one appears to work. I am certainly more energetic, so perhaps the ingredients of the pill are a contributory factor.