Car Runs on Water

Is It Possible to Run Your Car on Water? New Viagra pill for your car!

With “hydrogen on demand” technology, automobiles can be powered with water!

Few decades ago people laughed when some scientist claimed that “solar” can be converted into “electric power” and can be used as alternative energy! Now who is laughing?

Also people laughed when scientists claimed that “water” can used to “fuel” automobiles. Now let’s laugh together- for the good thing!It is finally arrived!

Today I’m talking about “water hybrid cars”. You heard it right! Use water to supplement gasoline; enhance fuel efficiency by as much as 100%; reduce pollution; control global warming by partially running your car on “pure water!”

Did I say we can prevent unnecessary Iraq war too!

Congratulations! You have just found a way to own a water-to-energy converter for your car. Water4Gas is one of the most PRACTICAL free-energy devices, marked by extraordinary simplicity and effectiveness. You cannot get anything, anywhere near this good, for twice the price.

The Good NEWS is:

  • Widespread development and experimentation by numerous back yard engineers has proven one method FEASIBLE. With this method you can run your traditional automobiles PARTIALLY ON WATER (that’s a “Water Hybrid”) with little or no modifications.
  • You should be able to increase your gas efficiency by as much as 59% (Toyota 99) or even 70% (Cadillac 99).
  • You could drastically cut down discharges and help reduce Global Warming.
  • You can improve efficient burning of fuel and consequently lessen wear and tear, engine clatter, high temperature in the engine, carbon deposits, etc.

How it work?

At first glance, every innovative technology sounds like rip-off scam… but this is not, because this technology isn’t new at all. You’ll be surprised to know that in the year 1800 (I.E 18th century man) the first combustion engine ran on “hydrogen” made from water! And it ran for 8 years until they invented “gasoline”

The “Hydrogen on Demand” technology!

Now Hydrogen is coming back. It’s in fashion, everybody is talking about it – and 1000’s are actually doing it! I mean doing it at home, not buying Hydrogen at the gas pump. Because buying Hydrogen at the pump pulls us all the way back to square one – being dependent on a monopoly for such a vital resource as transportation and home energy.

We had a threat!

If you run any automobiles purely on hydrogen you’ll risk burning your engine, because hydrogen burns hot- VERY HOT. But in this particular technology you are only using hydrogen to supplement actual fuel (gasoline, petrol or diesel)

Know this fact. Your car uses less than 25% of fuel to move; more than 75% get wasted in the form of heat… also think about pollution it exhausts.

If you use water4gas technology your car (or truck or whatever) will use entire fuel to run and move. There is no unnecessary heat and very very less pollution.

Please note that your car won’t run if there is no fuel in your tank! To avoid dangerous risk we are not storing “hydrogen” in the car. We are only storing one gallon of distilled water… so the risk is ZERO!

Please visit Run Your Car With Water for more information.

If you are US citizen you can get IRS refund up to $5000 for using “green car.” But the other good news is Water 4 Gas (water hybrid car) requires few hundred bucks to implement! Try it today because it costs less than 50 busks; save money, save fuel, prevent pollution and global warming- and finally save our soldiers! 😛

Run your car with water


  1. To all you skeptics out there tell my new friend that he is full of s—–t. He had six of the bottles- hydrogen gernerators on his older Dodge diesel and he went from 18 mpg to 22 mpg. He then added another ten generators and now he gets 30 mpg. I feel sorry for all you educated ediots that think this doesn’t work. I will have in my Chevy diesel by next week.

  2. We my need to accept that the key to our energy future may not come from the government or big energy companies, but rather from small research and development companies and individual inventors working on water cars, fuel cells and on board hydrogen fuel generators.

  3. Hydrogen Generators says:

    That is too funny to hear, viagra pill for the car. I have read many articles on that and I think that is the must installed thing for a car in these days.

  4. Running your car on water does work. And Natural green energy should be considered by more people. This could prevent pollution and reverse global warming.

    To read more about natural energy please visit this site. Solar Energy

  5. I grow weary of big business, closed minded experts. We have to be open to all options no matter how unlikely. Our best energy solutions are likely to come from small r&d companies or even out of someone’s garage workshop.

  6. hi.. I suggest if this guy is right what he is trying to convince us.. I suggest him to get a proper Patent of his product and get certification from a decent lab .. in this way… every speculation will come to an end… because i am sure the patent guys and the lab will catch him if he is a hoax and if if he is true.. who knows… then bingo … we have a new product…. cheers..

  7. Saw Your Car For Sale says:

    Governments are hooked on oil. It’s expensive, and it generates huge incomes. We need to bleed the world dry of oil before governments will have any motivation to implement alterantive fuels to the masses.

  8. hi,

    hey wasnt there a video on youtube about someone that had a dune buggy and went from the east coast to the west coast of the USA. And it was using just water. im sure this guy was killed?

  9. automobiles says:

    What will you do in winter

  10. symtoms of diabetes says:

    I would surely buy this product if only someone who has tried it gave a honest opinion that it is useful. I only see skeptics in here forbidding you from buying it. Guys try it out and then say that it is not good (or good) – do not shoot down anything on what you think it might be – try it out first !!

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