Dr Georges Dental White Going to Be Banned in the UK?

Though Dental White is FDA approved, it has higher Hydrogen Peroxide level than the legal limit allowed under Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations in the UK. Read this article to know if Dr. Georges Dental white can survive in the UK!

BlueMd Acne Therapy Review

BlueMD is the new revolutionary Blue light therapy home kit for the treatment of acne. Read this important review before you buy this product. Does is work? Is it a scam?

Premium White Ultra and Dazzle Smile Scam Warning!

Teeth whitening products reviews and scam warning. Teeth whitening products like Premium white ultra, Dazzle smile and Premium white pro really doesn’t work. This is nothing but free trial credit card scam.

Body Bare Best Personal Shaver

Ladies, Stop Dragging That Blade Across Your Most Sensitive Skin- Say Goodbye to Red Bumps and Irritation! The Body Bare will shave your pubic area closer, easier and most importantly safer than anything else on the market period!

Crazy Jeans For Girls

Girls love to expose everything they could. But unfortunatelu public nudity is prohibited in most of the countries. Japan’s new style of crazy panty style jeans pants are making waves among Japanies cuties!