Consumer Wealth System Review

Consumer Wealth System by Mark and Daniel : What it is missing?

The problem of Consumer Wealth System

Mark Lindsay and Daniel Turner (the guys behind Article Marketing Automation and few other popular products) recently released a product called Consumer Wealth System (CWS). This product is similar to Ritaban’s Profit Instruments, Brian Johnson’s Commission Ritual etc. Meaning if you have one of these products you don’t need this one.

CWS Quick Review:

The approach of CWS is very simple. Create a mini or micro site targeting a single brand name keyword. The only difference is that you will be targeting a physical product which has mass appeal (like Sony Vio, Apple Ipad etc).  And the biggest flaw of this course is that it’s a semi finished product. You are forced to buy additional products to make this strategy work.

Consumer Wealth System Components:

  1. Preparation.  Setting goals, positive thinking and all other blah blah blah.
  2. Market selection. How to select the right market. Finding good markets and avoiding bad ones.
  3. Domain name selection. How to select your domain name register it.
  4. Setting up hosting account: How to buy hosting account and setup.
  5. Website setup: How to setup a website using WordPress blog software.
  6. Products selection: How to select the right products to promote.
  7. Write reviews: How to write effective products reviews.
  8. Promotion: How to promote your website.

Now if you are an absolute novice into affiliate marketing you’ll greatly benefits from the first 7 modules. It’s short, simple and easy to understand and implement. And this strategy is one of the most effective ways to make money online through affiliate marketing.

The Problem:

The course doesn’t talk about how to promote your website. Mark and Daniel only talks about article marketing using their product “Article marketing automation software” for which you’ll have to pay monthly recurring fee.

Consumer Wealth System Scam:

If you are promising people to make money in your course you should give full materials. You should not force people to buy another product from you! Mr. RB

Bonus Information And the conclusion!

This is professionally written very practicable course on making money online. However, since it’s semi-finished I cannot recommend it. You can happily miss it and save $77 and escape from all those nasty upsells & downsells!

That’s the end of CWS review. Let me know your thoughts.


  1. One question i have that i did not see asked here is after looking at Veronica’s site how do you know if you will even see a commission if the sales are not made directly off your site?

  2. graham robertson says:

    Hi which system would you recommend for a newbie?
    Thanks Graham

  3. It is good to know the bad side after knowing the good side. CWS only teach a basic steps ,They are not gonna make you earn money after they make you pay them.Never pay for unfinish course. Wake up guys..

  4. Thank you so much. I’ve run throw many reviews that looked like a “marketing” themselves. Thanks for your honest review.

  5. Daniel Turner says:

    Hi megapeakay,

    Sorry for the late reply, just came across this.

    Not sure if you’ve seen the updated version but it fills in any gaps that may have been there in the first version.