Dr Georges Dental White Going to Be Banned in the UK?

Potential Problem for Dental White in the UK?

Dr Georges Dental whiteeBay and Amazon are no more selling teeth whitening kits in the UK. What does this mean? Are home teeth whitening kits like Dental White going to be banned in the UK?

Higher bleach levels in the Home Teeth Whitening kits

Though Dental White is FDA (Food and Drug Administration of United States) approved, it has higher Hydrogen Peroxide level than the legal limit allowed under Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations in the UK.

Legal limit of Hydrogen Peroxide in home teeth whitening kits in the UK is 10%. But more than 90% of teeth whitening kits being sold online have more than 10%, while some even have more than 30%!

Dr Georges Dental White is Completely Legal in the US

As per US standards, home teeth whitening kits can have up to 16% hydrogen peroxide (Carbamide Peroxide).

  • Dr. George’s Dental White is the only home teeth whitening kit that has FDA certificate. It is the number one home teeth whitening kit in the US.
  • Dental White was featured on Ophrah 8 times!
  • Millions of people in the US have successfully used Dental White since 1989!

But Dental White Does Not meet UK standards

Central England Trading Standards Authorities bought and tested 20 brands of teeth whitening kits from pharmacists and online stores.

18 out of 20 home teeth whitening kits had more hydrogen peroxide level than the legal limit of 10%. Among them 14 contained amounts of hydrogen peroxide ranging from 0.24% to 23.8% which is considered unsafe even in the US.

Only two kits, namely, Boots Expert Teeth Whitening Programme and the ‘Brilliant’ tooth whitening system had within the approved limit. Read more at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6240048.stm

Even Dr. Georges Dental White, which is being sold by its official distributors Smile 4 You in the UK since 4 years, does not meet Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations of the UK.

It is said that manufacturers and suppliers of teeth whitening kits with higher Hydrogen Peroxide levels are now being contacted and are advised to withdraw products from the market.

Is Dental White Going to be banned in the UK?

Do not know, but as it does not meet UK standards, it may be taken off the UK market at any time, if its distributors get a warning from Trading Standards Authorities.

Is Dental White still safe to use?


It is true that higher levels of Hydrogen peroxide, the bleaching agent used in teeth whitening gels, can aggravate gum disease and cause sensitive teeth – or even chemical burns to the mouth.

But as far as safety of Dental White is considered, following points must be taken into consideration

  • Dental White has 16% Hydrogen Peroxide which is not likely to cause such side effects as per well known US Dentist Dr. George.
  • In fact 16% Hydrogen Peroxide gels give faster results without any side effects.
  • Even 10% Hydrogen Peroxide gels work, but they take longer to deliver noticeable results.
  • When it is safe in the US, how it is not safe for people of the UK is a big question.  Millions of people in the US are using it since 1989!

At present Dental White Can be bought in the UK

As of now, Dental White is not banned in the UK.  So People can purchase it online from its official distributors. But, one cannot deny the chances of it getting banned in the UK in future. Visit Smile4you.com to buy Dental White

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  1. Dave Mellor says:

    Can you check that 10% hydrogen peroxide is correct for Europe? Is it not 0.1%?

    • Not 100% sure… but dentists use upto 15% 🙂

      • Dave Mellor says:

        Just checked – <0.1% is legal as per the EU cosmetics directive. Dentists are allowed as per the SCCP (not law but medically allowed for a cosmetic procedure!!) but theoretically if something happened their liability insurance would be invalid for using an illegal product…….minefield!

      • Dr John Grapsas says:

        Actually dentists use a lot more than 15% HP – try 30% plus!

  2. I think you’re completely mixing up hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide in your article. Taken off the US site for Dental White:

    “Dental whitening systems can contain carbamide (urea) peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, they both work equally well. To calculate the active ingredient’s active oxygen content you compare the molecular weights to each other as a percentage of oxygen present. In other words, you take the carbamide peroxide concentration and divide by 2.7668 and that will give you the equivalent strength as hydrogen peroxide. For example Dental White has a 15% carbamide peroxide concentration (the upper limit that would be approved by the FDA, if whitening gels were considered drugs) / 2.7668=5.42% hydrogen peroxide.”

  3. Jane Iredale says:

    What the Trading standards people forgot to mention that Dentists are also in fact breaking the law. The law as it stands is applicable to the “supply of” hydrogen peroxide over 0.1%. Lacors have gone on record to say that no-one is above the law, even Dentists.

    All of these reports are biased towards creating a monopoly for Dentists and towards pricing the majority of customers out of the market.

    As far as I can see the Smile 4 You websites are American owned and the UK company is just acting as UK customer service thus I would imagine it means they can ship direct from the States without any problems.

    • Dave Mellor says:

      Still illegal to use sell or use the product in the EU though – it is illegal for a reason! Why don’t people use Active Chlorine Dioxide from Frontier? says it is legal.