Fix Xbox 360 3 Redlight Error

How to Fix Broken Xbox 360?

At Last! The Ultimate Guide to Fix Your Xbox 360 and Get Rid of the 3 Red Rings of Death Error In an hour GUARANTEED!

Peter Moore, Corporate VP and chief Xbox spokesperson on the new Xbox 360 warranty says “It’s going to be weeks not days, to get a new console once they submit a broken 360 for repair but as I say. If they just have a little bit of patience here, we’re trying to do the right thing. It is a global roll-out, and as soon as we humanly can, we’ll get them their new consoles”

What Microsoft doesn’t want u to know is “you can fix your Xbox 360’s 3 red light error (three red ring of death), in under an hour and for less than $30!
Dear Xbox Gamer,

Have you been playing your favorite game on your Xbox 360, when suddenly your screen just freezes up? I know EXACTLY how you feel.

The Three Red Rings Of Death!

Now you panic! Your warranty has just expired and you know that the 3 red rings of death mean just that, your Xbox 360 has died on you.  Now what?

Don’t worry, I have the solution:

Don’t miss weeks or months of gaming when you can fix it yourself and have it working in an hour or less. No need to wait several months by sending your Xbox 360 console to Microsoft hoping that it will be fixed soon.

Get this very inexpensive guide and step-by-step video to fix your Xbox in less than an hour- GUARANTEED!

About 6% of Xbox 360s that receive this error cannot be repaired. The other 94% need a bit of tweaking to get it back up and running. This means that you have a very good chance of saving your Xbox 360 console!  Repair may require a few items from your local Radio Shack or hardware store. Chances are you already have these items.

Learning how to repair your XBox will save you some major money. Microsoft will not tell you how to fix these errors. They’ll ask you to send your system back to them for repair. The typical cost for a repair can be as much as $140 plus shipping and handling. Also – they do not always guarantee a fix!

Use this guide to repair your own XBox 360 – and save your $140 for games. You will get step-by-step videos to perform this repair task in addition to easy to read manual.
You could actually make money using this guide!

Many frustrated Xbox Gamers are selling broken Xbox 360’s on eBay and other auction sites for less than $ 50! Buy them, fix them and sell them for over $300 on Ebay. You’ll have more than enough money for the Xmas!

Fix your Xbox 360 now and enjoy your holiday 🙂


  1. I got a copy of the guide. Steps were clear. Got my xbox up and running again. I would recommend this.

  2. red light flashing

  3. Yall stupid….just get to the point and tell the people already…shit. No body want to download guides. I gonna make my own damn forum where I will just tell people without wasting their damn time.

  4. I swear stop wastin our time and just tell us 2 fix da dam xbox already instead of wastin valuable time

  5. Xbox360solutions says:

    It helps to understand what the error codes mean when repairing your xbox 360 console, This guide does work, but make sure you have checked what errors you have first. This is the best solution for repairing your xbox 360.

  6. GiantHaystax says:

    I jsut wrapped mine up in a towel with it switched on. Gave it 10 minutes then it worked fine after this. Ok, so it broke again a month or so later and needed a proper fix but still I got a little extra life out of it!

  7. Xbox Fix says:

    I like your blog, and will be playing with my console again.

  8. This happened to me while watching a movie, thank god it was only temporary. Nice article.

  9. xbox sucks

  10. get the freaking elite it will last longer and comes with a headset,lego batman pure and its 100$ dollers off!!!!!!!