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I have used many screensavers website and most of them do have spywares. is true like its name with free screensavers but no shareware or nags. On this website, I can browse and select from over 1600 [tag-tec]free Windows screensavers[/tag-tec] organised in various categories.

Moreovere, you can use their search engine to locate your favorite or a specific screensaver.  All listed screen savers have been scanned for adware, spyware and viruses. is one of the few “true” free screensaver sites on the Internet. has 16 categories and it only offers freeware screensavers that have been checked for viruses, spyware and adware.

This site also features a screensaver section dedicated to Mac users, and a nifty search feature. Here you’ll find a good collection of [tag-ice]high quality free screensavers[/tag-ice]. These screen savers are completely free to download and will function on all Microsoft Windows computers.

Although Mac users will need to select the versions made specifically for them. As well as screensavers, this site serves up some fantastic freebie games. If you’re tired of seeing “plain” letters or clouds scroll past your screen when in its idle state, you have to take a peek at 

Free ScreensaverA smart computer user will pick and choose exactly where they get their free screen savers downloaded from. The reason for being so picky is because of hidden programs that come with downloaded free screen saver programs. But one should not be afraid to visit is

Freesaver posts a message on their home page saying, “ is the original truly free screensaver site on the Net: no shareware, no nags, only freeware. All listed screen savers have been scanned for adware, spyware and viruses.”

With 100 screensavers per category, users can browse worry-free and find a new screensaver that interests them. So go ahead and give your idle PC its much-needed makeover with


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    It is true that it is very important to be picky when choosing what sites they download from. For example only download a free screensaver from a trusted source because it is fairly easy to attach some type of virus to the screensaver without the downloader knowing it.