Google Wealth Magnet Review

Google Wealth Magnet Review & Bonus – GWealth Magnet by Mike Auton

Googel Wealth Magnet - Scam or real deal?

Googel Wealth Magnet - Scam or real deal?

Mike Auton, a student of the famous and notorious Chris McNeeny, just released a new Adwords + Amazon affiliate marketing guide Google Wealth Magnet (G Wealth Magnet and Amazon Money Machine) Although this product is not earth shattering or something extra revolutionary, this product is very decent, unique and worth studying.

I have bought this product and this comprehensive and detailed review is going to be positive with pros and cons.  If you thought I’m “just another affiliate” trying to milk out of this product launch just read all of my marketing products reviews first. Yes, I’m going to recommend this product with my affiliate link, and I’m offering at least $500 (REAL & LIVE) in value exclusive bonuses.

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Sections of Review:

  • About the author – Mike Auton
  • G Wealth Magnet Modules & Reviews
  • Pros & Cons
  • Exclusive Bonus Offer- Perhaps the best?
  • Price of the Product – Up sells and OTO.
  • Order Link- Buy Now!

About the Product Creator- Mike Auton:

I don’t know much about this guy Mike Auton; probably, you never heard of him. But if you have read Chris McNeeny’s recent product AffiliteX you know about Mike. Mike is the guy who wrote the important chapters in Affiliate X. This is Mike’s first product and perhaps the best. I suspect if he can come up with another product, which is anywhere near to this one. Chris X’s first two guides “Adwords Miracle” & “Affiliate Project X’ were really good. He started launching loads of CRAPS after realizing how easy it’s to make money by selling IM products to his customers list with nothing but HYPE.

Anyway, Google Wealth Magnet is not Hype- It’s a Hope!

G Wealth Magnet Detailed Review:

It comes with two PDF guides with the minimum fluff & decent amount of stuffs.

Module 1: Amazon Cash Machine

The first PDF report contains 77 pages of information about making money with Amazon UK’s affiliate program with direct link using Adwords/ PPC. The guide is really well written and contains real examples of profitable campaigns. This section covers,

  1. How to select a right product from Amazon carefully…really C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y — this is the most important part.
  2. How to setup Adwords Campaign and write Ad Copy which is sure to convert.
  3. How to track individual keywords conversion – this is again very important while playing the PPC game.
  4. You also get profitable keywords list. (General template)

This guide is the real thing of the entire course.

Module 2: Google Wealth Magnet.

The second PDF report contains 69 pages of information about making money with ClickBank and other independent affiliate programs. You can apply these techniques to any other affiliate program. Though it’s an average guide, it has some really good information.

What you’ll learn is, selecting product from ClickBank or other independent affiliate networks, setting up Adwords Campaign using keyword tracking technology.

Pros & Cons:

This is not a course; I have to call it a “Real Case Study”. There is no need of a website; you can start right away. There is nothing extra to buy. In fact the guide does not contain any affiliate link. Selling “physical” products from Amazon is lot easier than selling an ebook.

The downside is very obvious. PPC means spending money!

And unfortunately, pays their affiliate commission once every 3 months. So you need some funds initially.

Price of the Product:

The cost is $67, which I think really fair because inside the course you are seeing the real case study. There are no up-sells or cross-sells. However, there is a $47 OTO (one time offer) for “GWM for Living Videos”.  These are 21 videos covering topics like Picking Real Hot Products and Promoting with a direct affiliate link and tracking individual keywords.  I only watched few videos due to time constraint. But so far videos seem to be good because it has more Amazon and live campaigns!

There is a software tool also which is little time saver. I did not find much value in it. But real gem in the OTO is the  live case study of another 3 campaigns!

Of course, you can ignore the videos if you can digest the entire course. However, if you are planning to test this method with $100 PPC budget, I highly recommend you to first spend $47 on the videos.

Exclusive GWM Bonuses – Let me show you why it’s the Best!

Exclusive Bonus : Super Fast Affiliate Profit Sheet.

This is a bonus report I have been giving away since 2006 to people who bought products through my link. 100’s of people who took action based on this report made good money online. This report is revised for 2009… will be revised in 2010, and you’ll get it for free.

What is this?

This report is all about making money online “super fast” without any investment; I mean absolutely ZERO investments. The method is simple, easy to apply and implement. In fact, you can start making money within 3 days or earlier.

The method is simple. Get your site/blog/or web page ranked high in Search Engine for most profitable keywords, which is easy to convert into sales.

An example: You probably came to this page search for.

“Google Wealth Magnet Review”, “Google Magnet Scam”, “Google Wealth Magnet Best Bonuses” or “G Wealth Magnet” etc. This review page is ranking high on Google for these keywords. So you know that my methods work!

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Bonus : PLUS “Super Fast Affiliate Profit Cheat Sheet”  – How to make money within 3 days  by selling affiliate products without any Investment using free targeted traffic.

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    I'm very much interested in your bonus oofer! But unfortunately i m on a tight budget. can't afford to buy wealth magnet. Do you sell this report? thanks

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  9. Hey Boss. Grabbed Wealth Magnet. I'll send you an email later for bonuses. I worked through it last night and unless I'm missing something – direct linking is challenging because…few businessess allow you to. Google even blocked some of my clickbank ppc when i used the domain and my link. Do you know of a few businesses that allow direct linking – besides Amazon UK?

  10. Isobel Shaw says:

    i have just signed up with the amazon affiliate program and i am still not earning a good deal of cash from them.*-;