Lipobind Slimming Tablet Reviewed

Lipobind Fat Binder Review

The weight loss industry is fully crowded with “quick slim” magic diet pills. While most of them are outright scams few are slighty effetive. And most of them comes with huge list of side effects.

Lipobind is also such a fat binding supplement . The lipobind is a diet pill from Goldshield Healthcare Direct.

What Lipobind official website claims?

lipobindLipobind is clinically proven to bind 27% of the fat in the food by preventing their absorption. (Clinically proven on pigs?). It can be used by people who are concerned about the excess calories they eat and by people who want to lose weight.

Red About Lipobind ingredients Below:

It is made of dried cactus that does not produce harmful side effects. Inactive ingredient are microcrystalline cellulose, tri-calcium phosphate, mono-and diglyceride fatty acids and magnesium stearate (Ph.Eur).

How does it work?

When contacted with fat calories, lipobind makes them too big to be digested by forming gel around them and thus prevents upto 27% of fat absorption by the body.

Why Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned Lipobind ads?

  1. For exaggerated claims like the pill would “take the nation by storm” and that “there are no gimmicks, no fad diets, no additional exercise routines and one can have favorite treat while on the pill.
  2. Baseless claims like “helps suppress appetite”, “helps decrease food cravings”, “helps lower blood cholesterol” and offers assistance with “weight management”
  3. Clinically proven claim was based on clinical study conducted on obese, diabetic subjects or hamsters and guinea pigs.
  4. Paid phone number was advertised as Free phone number.

Guardian reported the ban on the libobind

Is Lipobind a scam?

Though it can not be called as a scam just for making exaggerated claims in advertisements, it is definitely not the best fat binder on the market.

Better Than LipoBind…any?

proactol pack-shot 1237726f

Is Proactol Fat Binder better than Lipobind?

  • Proactol is proven to bind up to 28% fat in 4 clinical studies.
  • It also suppresses appetite and helps weight loss.
  • National Advertising Review Council of America has certified Proactol for making realistic claims backed by solid proof on its official website
  • Weight loss success stories of Proactol users have been published in newpapers and magazines.

Click here to read complete review of Proactol.


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