Magic Bullet System – a Gambling Course?

The Magic Bullet System – Crap & Lie?

The Magic Bullet System- Does it work?

Amish Shah’s Magic Bullet System is reopening today for the last time (?) And this is your last (!) chance to buy this Gambling Course. Few weeks back they opened the door for 500 people only. Gurus like Frank Kern, John Reese, Mike Filsaime, Howie Schwartz (with millions of subscriber on their mailing list) promoted it. However, they could not sell 500 copies – what a shame!

Today they are reopening another 20 seats. And to sell 20 copies Amish wants 200 JV partners! (I’m glad that Gurus are not offering their used underwear as BONUS!)

I haven’t bought this product and not planning to buy though I can afford.

Magic Bullet System – Why did I say Gambling Course?

Daily you spend $10,000 to make $11,000. (Of course, there is no guarantee that you’ll make it). So any mass marketing (like Mass PPC, Mass Media buying etc) are nothing but playing gambling; 90% of the time you won’t make any money.

Is MBS really worth?

Maybe – maybe not… I don’t know!

I would like to know your thoughts! 🙂


  1. motocross clothing says:

    This is a very interesting review. I am totally new to Ad words and Internet Marketing in general but this looks very promising…

  2. The reviewer only says that he doesn’t like this program and would not buy it. It would have been helpful to explain what this program promises, how it works, what is good and bad about it. The reviewer concludes that he doesn’t know if this program is worth it or not. So we have learned nothing from this review except the he would not buy it. Not very helpful.

  3. This boss guys tells you in a comic way using irony if not sarcasm that this course is the darnest joke you want to have fun with. But you can have fun about it if you don’t buy it thanks to him. Got it now ?

  4. very nice system.
    I love the course.
    If anyone want to know more about Magic Bullet System let me know. I will help you out