– Classic Nintendo Game

I played Nintendo 8-bit games online and it didn’t even require any download.

I was playing this game last week and I found that most of the games here are real with some additions and changes to suit your browser features. I noted that there was a Goomba instead of a Kopa under the endless coin block on level two of Super Mario Bros.

On this site you can play classic 8-bit Nintendo games right in your browser. More…
I know the old Super Marios by heart. Now if they had just add full screen and joypad support this would be perfection. Here’s another NES emulation site with more games but doesn’t seem to work too often.


With the new Nintendo Wii launch, a lot of the older crowd has gotten nostalgic about the games they grew up on. Wouldn’t it be great to play Mario or Zelda or the vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games once again?

Now you can relive your childhood at, where you can find all your favourite NES games in your browser, absolutely free, no downloads required. Try different browser if your Internet Explorer is giving you any problem while playing them in your bowser.

Nintendo Viva – This website is a place where you can find “The Greatest Nintendo Games of All Times” and all playable directly in your internet explorer. You can enjoy the game Super Mario Brothers, There is, Legend Of Zelda, Bubble Bobble and more on your browser now!

I came across this website and I am going to continue to enjoy it.
Never mind the VC, here’s a huge library of NES games that you can play in your browser free of charge. Check it out at


  1. I love this site but whenever I go there and play for a while, my computer shuts down and restarts, any thoughts of why? I would appreciate any help

  2. Mayur Pahilajani says:

    Hey Bev, I think it is prolly your Java or flash software problem. Try downloading FireFox or Opera — these are web browsers (other than Internet Explorer) and then play on them.

    Also, try update your Java on your system, which you can manually check on Let me know if you have further queries or even if you did enjoy playin after all.. Have fun.. !!

  3. Legend of Zelda for Sale says:

    What a great site. I love zelda personally so much, but can never find it. Can’t wait to go play… although I guess I should be cursing you since I’ll be stuck to my chair for the next week.

  4. Atari 2600 Games For Sale says:

    Thanks for posting the site. It is one of those hard to find sites that never shows up in search engines.

  5. Mario Games says:

    Man this is a great find. My original Nintendo system hardly ever works now and blowing into the games makes me dizzy. Nothing beats the classics.

  6. hey i have a problem playing games on this website.

    the java message comes up..Something like this
    java.lang.ClassCastException: AppletUI cannot be cast to GUI
    at PAPU.start(
    at NES.enableSound(
    at NES.(
    at AppletUI.(
    at AppletGui.init(
    at sun.plugin2.applet.Plugin2Manager$ Source)
    at Source)

    I downloaded the latest java, but its still not working

    I also tried different web browsers: mozilla

    Any solutions to this problem?

  7. nintendo fan says:

    I also have the same problem as “mario.” I have the latest version Firefox and the latest version Java, yet I’m also getting a non-responsive “loading”-page. I’ve been able to play a couple of games, however most of the ones I’ve tried (And I’ve literally tried like 10 other games on the site) just aren’t loading–and I’ve also revisited the website a couple of times.
    If you ask me, it sounds like has more of a permanent glitch. The site itself must be broken.
    I have a new computer with all available updates and yet I run into this problem with some games but not others—what gives?!!

  8. nintendo fan says:

    No more worries Nintendo Fans! I just found a site that really works better than “”

    Try “”

    After I found the games I wanted to play but couldn’t when I was at, I was able to start playing right away—No Problems!—Really Works!

    Hope this helps all you folks who had the same trouble I did when trying to play games at worked the very first time I tried it, and is still working for all the games which I had trouble playing @ Check it out!