Permanently Quit smoking by smoking more cigarettes!

Yes: Quit smoking by smoking; sounds strange? Don’t get away.  I am talking on electric cigarettes, which are becoming popular these days. They hit the market with two purposes; first, replace traditional  paper cigarette with electric cigarette without changing the flavor and tobacco odor. Second, help to quit smoking.

If you look throughout history, innumerable smokers have largely struggled to come out of the habit. Unfortunately, most hit blank corner due to lack of will power and stimulation of tobacco. Doctors prescribed various alternatives like chewing gums, chocolates and other habits. But only few managed to come out and bid adieu to cigarette.

However, some inventions at 21century, led to a new remedy called electric cigarette or e-cigarettes. The manufactures paid maximum care on the safety of the user. Recently I came across comments in web report on these e-cigarettes and to my surprise, thousands of users confirmed that these e cigarettes have helped them in quitting paper cigarettes.

What do e-cigs contain?

Unlike paper cigarettes, these e-cigarettes do not emit smoke. The users need not lit them to enjoy the puffs. Still they are cigarettes! Usually these e-cigarettes contain: Nicotine Cartridges and Rechargeable Lithium Battery.

How to puff them?

 They are also called as Vapor cigarettes. First, the smoker should heat them using a replaceable cartridge. This cartridge delivers the nicotine dose, which will be in form of water vapor. Along with tobacco and menthol, smoker can enjoy cherry and vanilla flavors. When puffed in, the human body absorbs the nicotine and a harmless water vapor is exhaled.

Now with this, one really can enjoy the smoking tobacco, with less affect. And adding to joy, friends and others need not fear of passive smoking or its ill effects. Moreover, this is the way to quit smoking by smoking!! Fascinating is it not?

 Side affects

But you should understand that though lesser in harming, e-cigarettes have its own side effects. Mouth allergy and tooth related problems occur in the beginning. Off late, components like Diethylene Glycol and nitrosamines do the maximum damage. Medical researches have shown that Diethylene Glycol is an anti freez component and is highly toxic to human body. Long use of Diethylene Glycol may cause cancer, doctors opine.

Adding to Diethylene Glycol, e-cigarettes have another harmful substance which is identified as nitrosamines. The smoker will be in great risk if the cigarette breaks and nitrosamines come out.

Nicotine and heart ailment

Once again the smoker may face heart related risks as nicotine is always harmful to heart-veins. Again the doctors are of the opinion that e cigarette may lead to cardiac arrests.

Which is the best ecig?

Concluding a best one or coming up with a list of “top 10” is hard and beyond the scope of this article. The reason is, there are 100’s of companies offering 100’s verity in different flavors. So there is no “best one” which suits all. My advice is to surf around forums and blogs and check user reviews (make sure that you are reading legitimate user reviews) Alternatively you can read reviews on good smoking alternative sites like

Finally, I would love to hear your feedback if you have already used/using any particular e-cig brand. Just post your feedback on the comments section below.



  1. Gino Hausteen says:

    Nicotine is one of the most addictive chemicals in nature. This is the reason why smokers are addicted to cigarettes.

  2. says:

    However, with every cigarette stick they smoke, they put in massive amounts of chemicals inside their body.
    This will not just help the real smokers
    to opt for a healthier substitute but will also ration their tobacco consumption.
    This brand new system is not like the typical 510 atomizer

  3. Heriberto Dupas says:

    Scientists say cigarettes’ most addictive component — nicotine — may also lead to degeneration in a region of the brain that affects emotional control, sexual arousal, REM sleep and seizures. The findings, reported in a new study, could help doctors pinpoint the part of the brain that gives some people increased susceptibility to chronic smoking or drug addiction, researchers said. “Nicotine causes the most selective degeneration in the brain that I have ever seen,” said the study’s lead author, neuroscientist Gaylord Ellison.^

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  4. leoniehannah says:

    Nicotine is addictively chemical in nature like an drug, That’s why smokers are Habituate to cigarettes.that means they are allowing the chemicals to pass in their body.

  5. says:

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