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Rank Builder & Rank Bugger!

Rank Builder - Can't Get High Ranking!

Alex Goad is coming with a SEO Software. That’s a breaking News. But this software will break your computer and bank account- that’s bad News.

First of all, this is not a Alex Goad’s software. It was created by Maulana, an successful affiliate marketer who probably made good money by launch jacking  earlier. Have you seen commissionblueprintx.com dominating Google results few months back? Yes, that’s exactly Maulan’s website.  He achieved it by using this software and few others. And this software is previously known as Link Builder Pro (linkbuilder-pro.com)

Quick Review of Rank Builder and How it Works…

Link wheel building: The software will create account with around 40 Web2.0 properties. Then it will enable you to automatically submit spun articles to them. There is another software for creating profile back-links. When submitting spun articles you can automatically create a link wheel or random link-wheel

Automated bookmarking using Onlywire.com – meaning you’ll have to manually create account with all the SB sites.

Automated social status update using Ping.fm – you have to create all the accounts manually first.

Authority blog farm. You should add at least one High PR donor blog to use this service. If you donate a PR3 blog then you can submit 2 articles with spin text. Your article will be distributed 15 blogs owned by other members. Since the articles are non-moderated the quality is horribly poor.

It’s missing few most important features like profile management, project management etc. (If you have lots of websites then you know what I’m talking about!) The profile submitter is crashing down before it actually starts! (Only tested with Windows-7)

Does it really work?

Not anymore!

The software worked well  when Maulana was the only user! The software lost its effectiveness when the mass started using it. Every time he updates it with couple of bug fixes the software produces 4 extra bugs!

Best Web2 sites, which intend  to sustain their site from Spammers regularly change the way their registration and submission process work. So automatic software like this one need someone to update it on daily basis.

Ning.com has become paid only; Vox.com will be completely shutting down from 30th September; wordpress.com will delete any blog with single link to commercial websites; Squidoo.com and Hubpages.com now employ heavy moderation. Zimbio, Gather, Quizilla types of  Spam-oceans nowhere appear in the Google.

Buy Rank Builder with Best Bonus?

Seriously…you thought I’ll put my affiliate link here by offering some crappy bonuses?

Sorry to disappoint you!

This software should not be there for sale for any price in its current format! It should be given away for free to a dozen or 2 tech savvy marketers who can extensively BETA test it. As I said earlier, it has sever bugs and most of the time it’s  useless. (Today I tested it once again. Out of 30 account creation only 2 succeeded. I could have done it manually without wasting my bandwidth!)


It has potential if Maulana really want to make it work and worthwhile. Right now it is a bug-rich, overpriced useless program. It’s shame that it is getting a new shape with a guru touch now!

Scam – my final word

Have a look at Alex Goad’s SEO case study and check his site’s backlinks. He is doing something and preaching totally different. His SEO case study has nothing to do with Rank Builder. If you receive an email from another super guru reply to him; ask couple of questions about the software; and send him to this page!


  1. WOW Thank you for the review. I received one of these emails from a guru. Pretty scary!!

  2. Wow, 2 out of 30 accounts created?
    Did you use the latest version? We have 50 sites in the latest version already, your version must be very old.


    Did you already enabled IE programmatic clipboard access, etc:


    In my latest run I got 40+ web 2.0 properties created successfully. Please do an in-depth test before bashing the program.


  3. Paul Easton says:

    Love it! An actual Real review! not just an affiliate linked option- way to go!

  4. Commissionblueprinx.com by Maulana is now disappear from Google for unknown reasons, maybe too much duplicate content since Maulana kept posting short reviews and use the same bonuses. Anyway, he came up with another site, sinfonicapr.com

  5. sumer@cpa marketer says:

    Hi Review boss,

    I agree to your point to some extent because I am too using it since maulana released it. It is right that the success rate has been dropped but not to a greater extent. I am able to create 35+ web 2.0 accounts but not too much success in profile link building.

    Most of the automated tools give such problems but can be fixed if they are updated every time.

    Hope, the rank builder will soon get it’s position back to the link building area.


  6. As everything Alex “Ghost” does is a crap…it’s not a surprise. He is really great about stealing other guy’s products and sell it to enlarge his pockets….Once again…shame on you Alex….and thanks for the serious and honest review…

  7. Thanks for the nice review for rank builder. I was just planning to buy it but now will have to rethink.
    Thanks a lot.

  8. I agree anything that Alex Goad does is a joke really just scraping other peoples content and trying to make better but doesn’t actualy work most of the time just makes it worse. Oh and he doesn’t give any bonuses out just says what you will get and never sends them to you. Stay away from Alex Goad.!


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