Rent a List is Scammer and Spammer! Review : Scamming and Spamming!

I try various advertising and traffic resources all the time.  Of course I never wasted a single dime buying those worthless “millions hits”. 

Rentalist.comRecently I heard about, an opt-in email marketing service provider. They also sell banner, text and sponsored ads on ezines. Well, the service is actually very costly. But every month they run some special promotion wherein you get upto 75% discount.

So I took advantage of their promotional code and bought 100K banner impressions for $60. I was really not expecting any conversion, but expected few thousand visitors to my CPA offer. Now it’s been nearly a month after I bought banner ad and I only got about 4000 impressions and 5 clicks… forget conversion.

Just check my stats screen shot below.

Rent a review

I think it will take many years for them to delivery my 100,000 impressions… maybe few decades…or not before I die! I also heard some horror stories of their service on popular internet marketing forum

To add further insult, yesterday I got a SPAM mail from them. They dare to send most ridiculous ads to their own advertisers! They sent ads to a “Pro Online Marketer” like me about making money online by reading emails (those get paid to read emails CRAP!


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I think if you buy their tagetted ezine ad you get traffic from GPT sites (Get paid to read email) which is totally worthless.

So… here is the conclusion: is not only scammer but spammer too! However you can try their opt-in-email marketing campaign in small quantity.

Cheers 🙂



  1. philipw says:

    I’m trying their opt-in email service, and I think the service is ok, but there is no accountability as to what exactly is happening. Yeah they say there are 600 or 700 clicks but I’ve seen no conversions. Some friends of mine in the same business have seen about 10 total conversions. If I don’t see anything, I’m done.

  2. Hey Phil… a word from the wise! I feel your pain. I tried them and I didn’t see any conversions, and not all the visitors, according to my stat counter and tracker showed up. Everything works differently for each marketer. I won’t bad mouth them but you should consider starting as small as possible when it comes to their advertising packages.

    I’ll leave you with this… either way you won’t know if something works or doesn’t work unless/until you test it. If anything, try not to get burned twice, because it happen to the best of us marketers. Personally, one of My biggest down-falls is – moving on to something else if I get too confused on some other complicated task. I may do step 1 & 2 with no problem.

    Step 3, well, when I get hung up, confused after something doesn’t setup the way someone promised it would, then I leave it, hardly ever returning to complete what probably could have made me a bundle, and there’s little help in getting the stuff to function properly… here I lose out. I can’t really say the program or software couldn’t work as stated by the developer.

    I never completed the proper setup to make some programs work, or to actually see if it would perform. My own fault. Yes I’ve gotten ripped off too!

    As far as ‘That rental mailing list’ is concerned… this is one mind blowing show. We’re not sure there is a mailing list, are we? Other than them submitting our ad to the free safe lists, and there are hundreds, even thousands out in cyberspace, for which we can submit to ourselves, free. Think about it!! You choose, just don’t get burned by the same people 2 times in a row

    I wish you much success with it, because I had none.



    (There are no ads or sales pitches here, just solid advice from experience, trials & errors)

  3. Sounds like you are the scammer. I have used them plenty and they are good, by reading your review I am certain that your ad copy did not sell. You can’t even express yourself well when your bad mouthing someone.