Rent an Edu Backlink Scam

Rent an Edu ReviewRent an Edu – Russell Brunsons $800 Per month Mega Scam!

it’s Russell Brunson once again with another Mega Scam. This time it’s called Rent-an-Edu,  cleverly twisted “edu back links” scam.

How Rent an Edu Works?

Step 1: Once you become a member with you’ll get an sub-domain link directory with Peru International University’s  website (in reality such university does not exist!) You are getting a keyword rich link directory on a fake .edu website!

Step 2: Now start reciprocal link exchange with other websites. Well, not reciprocal; it’s called 3-way links. Just find top 10-30 Google ranking websites for your keyword; contact top ranking websites owners  and offer them a free link from your Fake .edu website in exchange for a back link to your real website.

If you can get backlinks from already top ranked websites, your website will gain top 10 ranking very quickly (well, at least that’s the theory)

By the way if you are curious, here is the fake .edu site – (it’s actually This website is brand new, has got very few backlinks and barely indexed by Google. It’s just the template design which makes it look like an .edu website. If your website is already ranking well for some competitive keywords, then you can easily spot a fake .edu sites like this one.

Heavy Scam Factors.

Rent an edu scam

RentanEdu Platinum up-sell inside members area!

It costs $97 per month for a single link directory (with 7 day $1 trial). With this basic membership you have to do all the link request work manually. If you pay $300 then the software will automate this job for you. If you can pay $800 per month then you get 4 links directories, so that you can target 4 websites.

The summery:

In essential, you will be scamming other webmasters by offering them fake .edu links. Perhaps it work? Worth a try?

Last drop:

Henceforth, be careful if you get link request from other webmasters offering you .edu links!

PS: I have revealed the .edu website name ( because Russell is openly disclosing this site in his sales video 🙂


  1. This is incredible. I nearly talked a good friend of mine to spend the money so that we could get our sites some boost on the ranks. I thought Brunson was on the up and up. It wasnt until a friend warned me and told me to check the forums that i found out . If not for him, I would have gone for this crap

  2. Guys

    I use this service, and it’s awsome. I have not got my sites to the page one using this service.

    Also, this is a real .edu, but in Peru hence the

    Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it

  3. thanks for share. really it’s good tips. I’ll flow this.

  4. GoodWebHosting says:

    I thought Brunson was on the up and up. It wasnt until a friend warned me and told me to check the forums that i found out

  5. I went for the 7 day trial for a $1, then cancelled. I felt the price was a bit steep and didn’t like the idea of contacted otherwebmasters for links 🙁

    • portable crib bedding says:

      thanks for share. edu backlinks is really very helpful, good tips. I’ll flow this.

  6. Russell is getting desperate. A big time scammer. Use to be role model, now a big fraudster.

  7. pup_trent says:

    Russell Brunson is to the internet, what water is to boarding.