Russell Brunson GiveaAwayWebsite Scam

GiveAwayWebsite- Russell Brunson’s Latest Robbery!

I think I should have written this review little earlier so that I could have saved few people’s money. At the time of writing this there are only 27 slots left out of 100; Which means Russell already ripped 73 people’s $297 and 27 will be ripped-off soon.


In his sales letter Russell says “I’ll give you $100 for every free website that you give away!”

You’d be CRAY to miss this opportunity if you really get paid $100 for giving away free website. And if the deal is real there is no problem in paying $297 upfront.
How it Work?

Once you pay $297 you will become Russell’s business partner (?!) You’ll get the opportunity to give away his free WordPress blogs to anyone you like.

That’s great!

But how will I get paid?

That’s the secret (catch)

Your customer should purchase a web hosting which you recommend. The hosting company will pay you $100 commission if your customer paid for 1 year hosting in advance. If your customer decides to pay monthly you’ll earn $10 recurring commission.

I hope you understand what I said. Almost all web hosting company’s pay around $100 commission to their affiliates in order to acquire a new customer. It’s not a big secret.

Read everything carefully and save $297; and actually earn money

Start your own Free WordPress Bog Installation Service:

  • First join affiliate program. Depending on volume you’ll get paid upto $125 per new customer you refer to them.
  • Install and customize WordPress on your client’s hosting account. Learn about Worpress SEO, plugins, themes (all free)
  • Next goto and choose around 20 good articles in your niche. Initially post 5 articles and spread remaining articles for one month (Use WP’s Timestamp feature for this)
  • Help your client by submitting blog to few good RSS and Blog directories. Optionally, you can write couple of article and submit to article directories.

Now the question is how you’ll get new clients?

The same way you’d be getting new clients had you paid $297 to Russell! (I don’t know if Russell gonna teach how to get new clients)

Post ad on Craigslist, USFreeAds or some other classified ads. Go to some Internet marketing forum and place a add like this:

I’ll install WordPress blog on your server, fully customize it with great looking theme and plugin; SEO it and update content for one full month. This service it absolutely FREE. You just have to purchase hosting from one of the web hosting company I recommend.

With little bit of work and marketing you can easily get atleast 10-30 new clients every month… That’s $1000-$3000 per month!

Don’t know anything about WordPress? Want to know how to play with WordPress?

If you can afford $67, I highly recommend you to invest on WordPress Profit Machine. This video guide will tech you everything about blogging, wordpress, customization, SEO and getting traffic etc. I recommend it even if you are just interested in earning money by blogging. Of course, you can learn everything about blogging for free online. However, sometimes spending money on good resources eases the job.

I really feel sorry for those 100 people who paid (or will be) $297 to Russell Brunson and becoming a victim of another “Guru Scam”

Here is links:
Wordpress Profit Machine (aff link)


  1. Hi To All and to Chuck,

    Definition of “illegal” – a sick bird. *Smiles*
    But truth be told something is only illegal if you get caught and many marketing people like Russell just hasn’t been caught yet. Perhaps he is Shrewd or just has good legal advise.

    He is a good marketer knowing how to instill the fear of loss with his “limited space” and stating that he does not do theses seminars often. I was invited just a month ago to the same seminar that he is offering on February second, third and fourth. I have a Master’s Degree in Social Psychology and I find a person tells you who they are by there actions and what they say. Being that I question Russell’s integrity and the information that he is providing. If this program is truly what he professes it to be than there would be many more success stories and less complaints.

    I appreciate the information that “Review Boss” gave. I know the information on pretty much anything is out there for free if you are willing to do the work to obtain it. Perhaps Russell did just that (or paid someone to do it for him). I question his hidden fees which are morally wrong all be it not illegal.

    What I am presenting here is simple… no matter if Russell is a con or not… buyer be ware!!

    Thanks for reading. I hope you all have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. It may be your last given the 2012 thing. *LOL*


    • Merlin, you are wrong and unfairly defame Brunson. Why don’t you prove your mettle and sue Brunson? Answer: you’ll fail in court – and – be asked to pay for court fees.

      1. Look at your definition of “illegal” . It is not in any dictionary nor in any legal dictionary. Go ahead – you or anyone reading this- look it up on Google, it will show you instantly that Merlin is not only wrong, but absolutely and completely wrong.

      This leads to me deduct that Merlin is a person that is not doing well in life, but therefore it is easier for him to take on people who are multi-millionaires like Brunson.

      But Merlin, this is not about me vs. you: this is about “you vs. you” : search your conscience for what you are doing to this good man (Brunson). This is pure evil particularly as you are not doing well in life, and he is supporting the US economy by creating value (and paying his taxes that fund our nation).

      2. You are correct – Brunson is a good marketer. In fact, as he is a millionaire in his 20s; it makes him one of the world’s “greatEST” marketers in Human history. ARMIES of people go to good schools for their MBA like Harvard paying arm and a leg, but Brunson “self made it’ and keeps making it . You are on the other hand are forever “unknown”.

      Is this the way you want to live out the rest of your life ?

      3. You don’t have a “Masters” degree. If you had a “batchelor’s degree” buddy, you would be able to define “illegal”. Right or right ?

      4. You said “If this program is truly what he professes it to be than there would be many more success stories and less complaints.”

      The same is true for Harvard courses. Why don’t you have a go at the Harvard MBA. What did those MBAs lead to ? Economic collapse. Praying for bail outs, which is funded by you, your parents, everyone you know, and for what? So those MBAs get bonuses ? Brunson on the other hand, creates value.

      Neither Brunson NOR anyone else can EVER guarantee that by using his program you’ll become rich. BUT they do state that it is likely that by using his program you will make money.

      In fact, using MY program put below you will make money but will you do it ?

      1. Use google to find trends of what is selling
      2. Use google ad words to sell and out-compete high performing trends
      3. Make at least a million And then sell how you made it too!
      Brunson has done exactly the above and so can you. But you do not , most people do not. Brunson is a leader because he “acts”, he didn’t sit back; didn’t drink himself silly at school – but all others “do”. Just look at what people do on Spring Break. It BREAKS their bank. Look at what Brunson did : created a million, got married, had a few kids all before age 25 – and you have the gall to insult this wonderful leader.

      But you don’t have to believe him, above i gave you a formula, you can trust Google – so let me ask you: will you do it ? If not , why not? It’ll answer why people would rather work for “The man” instead of use Brunson.