Secret Income Streams Review

Sam Sterling’s Secret Income Streams Has No Secret at All!

Products like Secret Income Streams appeal to mass market because there are millions of opportunity seekers. You know how to make money already. Legally, there are no secret to make money -online or offline…you have to sell a product or service.

Old wine in new bottle tastes good! The older the better…But the same principle can not be applied to information. If you give away (or sell) old information in a new format then it’s called as “Rehashed Garbage” – Not revolutionary!

What’s Included in Secret Income Stream Members Area?

Basically, you’ll get 4 video tutorials & a dozen ebooks which covers very basic stuffs.

Video 1: Getting Started With Click Bank.

In this video you’ll learn how to choose a product from Clickbank and how to pre-sell your visitor before sending them to product sales pitch. If you are novice to internet marketing, you will never be able a find a profitable product by watching this video. This is very basic & stupid. Be warned — this is not the way to select a profitable product from clickbank!

Video 2 : List building Profit:

You have heard it 1000’s of times. “The money is in list!” In this video you’ll learn how to build a list and hit them with sales pitch.

Video 3 : SEO – Dominate Google & Yahoo.

Sam tells you very basic SEO. Unfortunately he even tells you nonsense like “Google page rank is the most important deciding factor of SERP” (search engine ranking position)

Video 4: Online Press Release

This is bit of useful information because press release strategy for online marketing isn’t covered by most of the eBooks which taught online marketing. However, if you want to learn everything about press release for online marketing I highly recommend you to get Brad Callen’s inexpensive course Press Release Fire.

You’ll also get 12 ebooks. It looks like written by himself. These ebooks covers topics like, affiliate marketing, PPC, eBook marketing, Google adsense, opt-in list & landing page etc.

Overall, the information is very basic –nothing new here, not scam though. So, my conclusion is you can stay away from this product & save $50 for good cause.


  1. john steven says:

    Realised it was not worth the money just after I bought it. Have tried about 5 times to get a refund. Completely ignored

  2. bob wire says:

    Has there ever been a review of anything online where the reviewer was not also trying to sell you something? Good grief. Always with this “this idea sucks, but mine is what you really want”…just once I’d like to find an honest review, like a Consumers Guide, whom isnt trying to bait and switch you at the end.