Selektronix Pro 64 GB Pen Drive Review

For long time my wife was complaining about not having a separate hard drive to store our kid’s picture. I have lots of computer and storage devices, so I wasn’t ready to buy another hardware to store pictures. However, just couple of days back I found a nice deal on eBay for Selectronix Pro 64 GB USB pen drive – so just bought it.

Selectronix PRO 64 GB Pen Drive

First of all, I never heard of this company before. I searched on Google for few minutes, but could not find its official website or manufacturer’s profile. That’s the reason I have decided to write this small review. My technical knowledge is limited, so this review cannot be considered as a comprehensive.

Why I bought it?

This is a USB 3 thumb drive, but backward compatible with USB 2 and USB 1.1 which is what exactly I was looking for! Most of the popular brands of Thumb drives are only compatible with USB 2 and they are expensive too! This little pen will work on my old 2005 model  HP Pavilion Laptop, my 2 year old Lenovo Idea Center and 2011 model Macbook Air. I’m pretty sure it will work with even 10 year old PC.

I use my 23 Inch Lenovo Idea center for daily work. So I just tested this drive on it and the result was impressive. The average write speed is always above 10 MBPS (my  USB2.0 Transcend 8 GB drive writes below 3 MBPS)  But to see its true potential,  I will have to check it with Mac Air which is USB 3.

Thin and sexy design with nice looking case


It’s thinner than my 8 GB Transcend drive. The Diamond white color makes it look visually sexy. It also comes with a plastic case (specs style)

The cons:

The only thing I did not like about this Pendrive is that, its USB connector has a protective Cap. I would rather prefer one with sliding option. I know that the Cap will be lost soon because I have 2 kids!


Selektronix Pro seems to be an Indian company who have done enough research on Indian’s mentality of keeping old and refurbished computers. This little pen drive can store huge data (64 gb but they sell 128 gb as well) while minimizing physical storage space. I also find it innovative because it is backward compatible with USB 1.1 version.

Overall – money well spent!