Strip That Fat Review

Strip That Fat is one of best and very affordable weight loss diet system I have recently came across. The diet and fat loss system is consist of 3 phases.

Rapid weight loss diet: This is a custom created 14 day rapid weight loss diet menu with your favorite foods. You’ll have to select favorite food items from the online diet generator menu. The software will create a 14 day diet menu for you instantly. You can create N number of menus with it.

Sustained weight loss phase: Easy to follow weight loss rules and method for long term weight loss goal without any adverse side effects or exercise!

Maintenance and lifestyle face: Easy to follow tips and guide on maintaining weight after reaching desired weight.

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Rapid weight loss with 14 days diet menu: Online diet menu generator

When you become a member of Strip That Fat  weight loss system, you will be given access to on-line diet menu generator.

This diet menu generator generates a 14 day diet menu with 5 meals a day.

Before generating the diet menu, you will be asked to select your favorite foods for each meal from a list of 9-12 food options for each meal. You can select any number of foods you like, and generate your own diet menu for 14 days.


  1. Click on diet generator after you log into the members area.
  2. You will get a list of 5 meals with 9-12 food options for each meal.
  3. Select your favorite food items for each meal.( Select more items for each meal to get a really good diet menu)
  4. Click on “Generate Your diet” button to get your diet menu. You will get a diet menu o for 14 days (5 meals a day ) of your favorite foods.

Just follow your diet menu for next 14 days and You can expect a weight loss up to 14 lbs in 14 days.

After 14 days you can generate a new diet menu again selecting different food items from the list and follow if you want lose more weight very fast. Like this you can generate new diet menu any number of times and experience rapid weight loss.

Important dieting rules during the 14 day diet period – Strip that fat e-book

When you become a member of Strip that Fat weight loss system, you can download Strip that Fat e-book (95 pages) that gives you some very important Fat loss tips and rules.

14 day diet rules:

  • Drink lot of water, it helps you to accelerate weight loss
  • Eat 5 meals as per your diet menu with a time gap of 2-4 hours between each meal.
  • Stop eating your meal before you feel full.

Without knowing some fat loss facts you will never be successful in losing some real weight.

Strip that Fat weight loss system current promotion and cost:

Now it is the time to know how much strip that fat weight loss system costs.

You can get access to the Last diet you should ever buy at a discount of 52% . It costs $99, but now you can buy it at just $47.

Buy more and get more: Do you want to make the weight loss process more easy? – then continue reading:

When you Buy Strip that Fat diet, you get an add-on option to go for platinum membership wherein you also get Calories Guide, Calorie Counting Worksheet, Living Life Healthy Guide

Calories Guide – A 2nd Foolproof Diet Program – This is an 15 page e-book which will help you to prepare your own diet menu without using online diet menu generator after you lose major weight through 14 days diet sessions.

I highly recommend this diet program for people who wants to lose weight quickly. Click here now!