Tava Tea Review – The Untold Truth

Tava Tea Review – Overly Hyped? Read My Thoughts!

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Does Tava Tea really aid in weight loss?

Recently an interesting herbal slimming aid called “Tava Tea” has hit the UK diet market. Somehow, this product also grabbed media attention.  It became front page headline News in Sunday Express (dated 18th July 2010). I also saw Tava Tea being mentioned in “The Sun” as well.

It looks like people who are fed up with unrealistic diet programs and bogus diet pills are turning into simple weight loss aid like slimming drinks, diet patches and Abs vibrators etc. Official Tava Tea website claims that “drinking 2 cups of their miracle tea” will aid in weight loss. But I suspect their claim.

What is Tava Tea?

There is a reason for Tavatea’s media attention. Unlike ordinary tea which you can buy from Super markets or High street stores, Tava tea is different. It’s different in a way it has manufactured. It’s a combination of Wuyi Cliff Oolong tea; Sencha and Pu erh (don’t ask me the meaning of these Chinese and Japanese words!) in a 40:30:30 ratios which make it very unique.

Now I’m not going to write boring medical review of these ingredients. However, I would like to highlight pros and cons of this product.

Wuyi Cliff Oolong Tea (Wuyi or Oolong tea)

Oolong tea contains a large amount of Polyphenols which is essential for overall well being.  Also Wuyi is very rich in Antioxidant. According to some University study, it also burns fat by boosting metabolism.


Sencha is a very popular Japanese tea. It contains high levels of Catechins (a polyphenol) this acts as a very powerful antioxidant. Catechin is by far one of the strongest polyphenols available and research has proven that it can lower your risk of heart disease.


Puerh tea gets its name from the Chinese city Puerh. It is an age old tradition, being enjoyed by the Chinese for many centuries particularly after a meal for its anti bloating properties. It is known as “Medicinal Tea” as it is reported it helps the fat digest quicker. Medical studies show that drinking Puerh on a regular basis helps to dramatically reduce cholesterol levels.

Yes, green tea has numerous health benefits. But I feel that it’s absolutely ridiculous to make weight loss claim; especially claims like “Just drink 2 cups of green tea to lose weight!”

Tava tea open boxCan I really lose weight by drinking Tava Tea?

Sorry friend!

That’s probably not possible; at least in my opinion. Do not assume that drinking some tea alone would melt your fat.

If your goal is to burn fat I suggest you to drink 4-6 cups daily along with healthy diet and modest exercise. Unlike black tea, potent green tea bags can be brewed multiple times. So one tea bag might be enough for a day even if you brew it 4-5 cups!

Remember, there e is only one rule applicable for weight loss

Healthy eating followed by exercise! Of course, supplements like Tava tea would certainly help because it has natural caffeine in it.

Beware of Green Tea FREE Trial Scams.

If you want to live with piece of mind don’t give your credit card number to fraudulent free trial offers. These so called free trials are nothing but Credit Card Scam. Cho Yung Tea, Oolong for Life are the few very popular SCAMS!


Yes, I do recommend Tava Tea, mainly for its health benefits and possible weight loss ability.

Where to buy Tava Tea?

It can be bought from official website only. Visit WeightLossTea.com (there seems to be some discount on RRP)

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  1. No I don’t think any one product on it’s own would make you lose much weight.
    I used to be a dancer and never put on weight, the same as all the other people in my industry. Now that I am not as active as I was, my weight has increased.
    Does this not tell us plainly that exercise is the best way to lose weight. It’s nature’s way.

  2. Rachal Toupin says:

    Oolong teas are semi-oxidized teas. They are sometimes called ‘semi-fermented teas,’ though this moniker is considered to be less technically correct than semi-oxidized teas. After the tealeaves are picked, they are rolled and allowed to oxidize. Oxidation produces the floral notes that characterize many oolongs.-