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If you are an active member at few popular marketing forums then you probably noticed this special offer about article writing service. The offer title pretty much grabs everyone’s attention (99 cents articles!)

Review Updates : July 23rd 2010

I have received lots of emails from 99Cents owner Michael to remove this review as it is hurting their business. I certainly do not want to kill anyone’s service oriented business as long as they provide some value. Further, I was told that 99 Cents now only employs native English Writers. But I suspect.

For the review purpose I received another set of 25 articles written on 5 different topics. Though I could see some improvement it was disappointing again. The main problem is their writers don’t understand the topics (even the popular ones like affiliate marketing, weight loss, SEO etc.) They don’t have the ability to research and write in their own style which is what really needed. It looks like they were trained to plagiarize content for the given subject/keyword.

– Plenty of spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes in every article.

– Lots of paragraphs were ripped from sites like Wikipedia and spun from synonyms database.

– Some sentences absolutely don’t make any sense.

– No continuity of paragraph or relationship between two paragraph. Probably because they ripped content from 4-5 articles and spun it. That’s why it’s awkward for human readers.

– Massive editing is needed if you want to submit them to quality human edited content sites like

The Pros:

  • You get unique content. That’s for sure. These articles are good for WEB2.0 spamming & content blasting for the sole purpose of building backlinks to your website.
  • 500 words articles for less than $5. Nice deal! (?)
  • They are capable of producing large quantity of articles within a reasonable time period.

Conclusion: You get what you pay for. Low price but cheap quality – if you are fine with that then I have no problem. I’m not a native English speaker myself, so no need to spot any mistakes in this review 🙂

Old Review:

Just 99 cents for writing an article? Wow!

article-writingWell, the truth is, it’s not 99 cents for an entire article; 99 cents per 100 words.  A clever idea which grabs your attention. However, that’s completely acceptable in a marketing world. There are people who charge $1 per word, so for 350 words article you have to pay $350. Compare that with’s service. You get 350 words article for less than 3.5 bucks… cool.

There are many positive feed backs on Warrior forum for this service. So I decided to give it a try and bought 10 unique articles on variety of topics. They promised delivery within 7 days. But I had to wait more than 15 days and had to send them reminder. However, I can understand that they were flooded with lots of orders.

Alright, I received 10 articles from them. I have attached two articles below as image so that you can see the quality.

article1(Click on the image to see larger view)


What a piece of gibberish crap! Do you honestly think these articles worth 3 bucks?

Stolen content rewritten. Not actually rewritten – spun using some software! Of course, these articles are human readable, but, it doesn’t make any sense at all.

If you have already bought it then you probably got better (or worsen) than mine. However, this is what you should expect from 99 cents crap writers! 🙂

Let me know what you think?


  1. Hi I just wanted to say that, I hadn’t at the time contacted the admin for 99 cent articles before posting that. I am happy to say that I got a full refund for my order.

  2. Ashley Cooper says:

    I think what the owner of 99 Cent Articles does is basically outsource every order. I’m sure most customers realize this in some way. I’d imagine he has a list of writers that he has managed to recruit that will write for VERY cheap. This results in a decent profit for the owner if he is getting orders of hundreds and hundreds of articles per week, but this is at the cost of quality.

    Obviously, there will be different levels of quality when it comes to a list of writers. This explains why some people receive decent articles while others just receive crap.

  3. Has anyone had experience with any writing services where they felt the product was much better? I wouldn’t mind paying a little more for some well written articles.

    I don’t have time to hunt writers down one by one on Elance so I wanted to use a service. Maybe it is not possible?

    The articles I’ve gotten sound like the ones in the review above but were from other services. They all had to be rewritten just to make a little more sense and not repeat themselves over and over.

  4. Purchased from 99 cent articles. The articles were crap. Just like the subject. They were poorly written that made no sense what so ever. These people are out to make a quick buck. I am sure they get calls and emails all the damn time because I was one of them.

    After complaning for weeks aboutt the quailty of my articles and after the admin offered to give me 25 free artciles. I didnt take they bite. I got my money back. These people are cheap, dont ever write the damn things. 67 of the 125 I purchases were less than the 500 words I asked for. One only had 402 words.

    Never buy from these people. It is some rip off website trying to take your money. They offer 100 % satification. They only time I got satisfied is when I filed a charge back on my credit card and reported them and talked trash on the warrior forum.

    Garbage. Garbage. Garbage.

  5. I ordered some articles about a month ago (October 2010) and overall I thought the Quality was acceptable and even pretty good for the price. Here are links to the articles so people can evaluate the quality of the work. The keyword I targeted was Tailgate Tables :]

    [Admin Note] Live link removed

    Granted, these are not the best articles ever written but they seemed to me upon a quick scan to be on point and without obvious spinning or grammatical issues.

    If you are running a high traffic Money site, ho ahead and spend the money on a talented writer, but I think 99 cent articles is a good fit for man MFA or affiliate oriented sites.

  6. I paid 99centsarticles to create 3 articles to test their services. I would definitely NOT hire them again, they are terrible.

    They took almost 3 weeks to complete 3 articles after they told me it takes 2-3 days. Further they did not even read my requests b/c they wrote about something completely different.

    I hope you read this review and save yourself time and money. You are better off hiring the actual writer via a site like Guru, eLance, or oDesk.

  7. Thank you for this review. I sat and read through 13 pages of primarily rave reviews on the Warrior Forum last night and today. I looked at the samples you provided and while I don’t think they are god-awful, they do need editing. There’s no way I could ever put my name to those articles as-is.

    I suppose if the articles were truly 99 cents and I had the time on my hands to edit, it wouldn’t be such a bad deal. I also don’t think it’s a horrible deal, even paying I believe it’s between 3 and 5 dollars, depending upon the length of the articles.

    But I”m looking for ways to relieve myself of time-consuming tasks and unfortunately, this doesn’t look to be the place for me. Oh well.

    In all fairness though, the articles might be okay for affiliate-type sites, in which affiliate marketers is what the warrior forum seems to mainly comprised of. I don’t know, I’m still not sure.

    Thanks again.

    • AprilDawn1980 says:

      99CentArticles is notorious for filing complaints on Warrior Forum about anyone who says anything bad about them. They will continue to harass people who complain until the comment is removed. This is why you primarily only find good reviews. I have found plenty of negative reviews on other review sites like this one.

  8. I was being lazy one week, didn’t feel like writing, so I purchased 3 articles from them about Twitter Marketing. I couldn’t believe what I got in return! The writing was so off topic and I practically had to rewrite all of the articles. The grammar,and paragraph structure were poor. There is no way that English is the first language for the individuals writing these articles. My suggestion is,save your self the extra work and write your articles yourself, be sure to have a good Dictionary and Thesaurus handy! 🙂

  9. 99 cent articles service is garbage. They told me 3-5 days or less and it took 14. The articles were mediocre at best and even after I sent them back to make sure they were spell checked they were sent out, they still distributed with lots of grammatical errors. Beware.

    • sadhikar says:

      I am quite surprised by the reviews that you guys have had. I ordered 400 worded articles and with signature method for ezine. And surprisingly i got a good work from them. I ordered another service through for 150 worded articles(15 of them) and almost all the articles were totally off topic, poor grammar with very poor content. It does seem that they hire a low quality writer with few worded articles. However articles with 400 words or higher seemed to be written fairly good.

  10. I ordered 10 articles. Gave them keyword rich titles. Told them I would be publishing them on and such sites.

    They gave me ten articles that were well written but the style was too serious, less conversational than I wanted.

    They are better articles than about 90% of the articles on Less well written than what I write.

    That was 3 weeks ago. On June 1st, I ordered again. If what I get this time is like last time, I’ll order some more.

  11. Have they improved yet? im looking at using most of their services but need some positive comments/reviews before I go ahead.

  12. These guys are absolutely horrible. They ignored my order for 1 whole month, and when I asked why I didn’t receive it they told me “Oh, we never got your details for the order.” Mind you, this was a $1000+ order too, and they never once found that odd that they never got the details.

    After forwarding them THEIR confirmation email they sent me, I am still waiting for all of my article (over 3 weeks since I contacted them about not having my articles.)

    To boot, the articles SUCK! Some are ok, but the vast majority are very poor quality. I’m in a jam right now so I have to use them, but I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER use them again.

    They ought to be ashamed of themselves, and I can’t believe they’d ever have any repeat customers.

  13. Same with Dan, I had ordered some 400-word articles and quite satisfied with the result. In my own opinion the quality of their articles are better than many other services. The price is also relatively lower. Now I only use them and Creative Content Writing.

  14. The second order, the quality was lower.

    Good enough to take each article and quickly convert into 3 good articles. But I like to write and am good at it.

    Good enough for sites that accept spun articles.

    Good enough to backlink your backlinks from.

  15. I stumbled across this site by accident and I cannot believe what I am reading.

    Seriously? I cannot believe the bad reviews on this site. After ordering with this company, it makes me think these reviews are not even real. The company followed the directions (and I admit, they were tough instructions) I gave and the keywords were placed exactly how I needed them. I ordered a large batch and every article from that batch is high quality and was turned in BEFORE the deadline.

    You guys can continue using other companies (good luck), but I will continue using this company because of the high quality articles I have received –

    Admin Note:
    This comment appears to be fake and written by an employee!