The 99 Cents Articles Crap

My Experience with

If you are an active member at few popular marketing forums then you probably noticed this special offer about article writing service. The offer title pretty much grabs everyone’s attention (99 cents articles!)

Review Updates : July 23rd 2010

I have received lots of emails from 99Cents owner Michael to remove this review as it is hurting their business. I certainly do not want to kill anyone’s service oriented business as long as they provide some value. Further, I was told that 99 Cents now only employs native English Writers. But I suspect.

For the review purpose I received another set of 25 articles written on 5 different topics. Though I could see some improvement it was disappointing again. The main problem is their writers don’t understand the topics (even the popular ones like affiliate marketing, weight loss, SEO etc.) They don’t have the ability to research and write in their own style which is what really needed. It looks like they were trained to plagiarize content for the given subject/keyword.

– Plenty of spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes in every article.

– Lots of paragraphs were ripped from sites like Wikipedia and spun from synonyms database.

– Some sentences absolutely don’t make any sense.

– No continuity of paragraph or relationship between two paragraph. Probably because they ripped content from 4-5 articles and spun it. That’s why it’s awkward for human readers.

– Massive editing is needed if you want to submit them to quality human edited content sites like

The Pros:

  • You get unique content. That’s for sure. These articles are good for WEB2.0 spamming & content blasting for the sole purpose of building backlinks to your website.
  • 500 words articles for less than $5. Nice deal! (?)
  • They are capable of producing large quantity of articles within a reasonable time period.

Conclusion: You get what you pay for. Low price but cheap quality – if you are fine with that then I have no problem. I’m not a native English speaker myself, so no need to spot any mistakes in this review 🙂

Old Review:

Just 99 cents for writing an article? Wow!

article-writingWell, the truth is, it’s not 99 cents for an entire article; 99 cents per 100 words.  A clever idea which grabs your attention. However, that’s completely acceptable in a marketing world. There are people who charge $1 per word, so for 350 words article you have to pay $350. Compare that with’s service. You get 350 words article for less than 3.5 bucks… cool.

There are many positive feed backs on Warrior forum for this service. So I decided to give it a try and bought 10 unique articles on variety of topics. They promised delivery within 7 days. But I had to wait more than 15 days and had to send them reminder. However, I can understand that they were flooded with lots of orders.

Alright, I received 10 articles from them. I have attached two articles below as image so that you can see the quality.

article1(Click on the image to see larger view)


What a piece of gibberish crap! Do you honestly think these articles worth 3 bucks?

Stolen content rewritten. Not actually rewritten – spun using some software! Of course, these articles are human readable, but, it doesn’t make any sense at all.

If you have already bought it then you probably got better (or worsen) than mine. However, this is what you should expect from 99 cents crap writers! 🙂

Let me know what you think?


  1. Really, Alissa? The reviews are not even real?

    Did you read them?

  2. And I think that by now, their website is for sale. When it’s too good to be true, forget it. Lesson learned.

  3. Patrick Archer says:

    I have to disagree with your review. Have you tried the service again recently? Granted, my only experience has been iwriter and 99centarticles.

    I got 5 articles from 99centarticles about a month ago. They took about a week to come in which was a little frustrating but they were all SEO optimized and they followed my instructions. The grammar was for the most part great as well. I always proof read the articles, and I find that if I spend 5 minutes with each article I can polish them up to a shine because the foundation is very good for what you pay. on the other hand wasn’t very good in my opinion. Of the 15 articles I submitted I only approved 4. iWriter is quick (had 12 articles the next morning), but the quality was hit and miss. The whole point of outsourcing is so you don’t have to spend your time doing it and with iwriter I found that I was spending more time reading garbage articles, resubmitting the projects, and then getting junk again. Granted, I did get a few quality articles but the screening process was just too involved for my liking.

    So from iWriter I got 4/15 articles which brings me back to 99centarticles, I purchased a ten pack and waited the week it took for them to deliver. I just got the articles last night and they are already up on the 4 niche websites I am making (took about 1.5 hours because I had to proof read, reformat a little, and then do all of the on page optimization) and the quality and SEO optimization are top notch (according to SEOPressor).

    Again, I see that your review is from over a year ago and was curious if you’ve tried them since.

    • Wow I have waited 2 months now for my simple 5 articles to be written and submitted to their directories as outlined.
      They all needed touching up, the anchor text and hyper links at the footer of every article was about the wrong topic sending people to wrong URLs.
      Out of the list of big heavy directory services which lured me to them in the first place, only 3 of the smaller directories had accepted the articles they wrote, with the big guns refusing they said due to spammy content ? They wrote the articles not me !!!! I suspect they were rejected due to failure to pass cipyscape !
      I have had to email them more than 12 times to remind them that I was still waiting for submission reports !
      Everyone knows fiverr is a gamble but if you take some time to look at reviews and go with rated fiverr gigs you will do much better off than with this company..

      • 99CentArticles does not run copyscape on the work that they get. They apparently expect the writers to do it and its hit or miss whether that happens. I read on another site that this one guy got 100 plagiarized articles from them. I guess they blamed the writer, but when you’re the company, it’s your job to keep track and make sure things meet standards. From what I read on WarriorForum, writers only get paid $2.50-$3 per article which leads me to believe that they are not all or even mostly US writers.

  4. Ken Anderson says: is crap. The prices seem fair at first but you really do get what you pay for here. The company outsources to writers overseas and based in the United States. They have no real screening process for writers or article quality. They do not copyscape their articles or check them for keyword density or for spelling/grammar mistakes. Apparently this is supposed to be completed by whatever team of writers that are completing the work. There were several complaints on Warrior Forum from writers stating that they had not gotten paid or that the pay rates were very low… again, you get what you pay for. If you are paying a company $7.50 for a good 500 word article and they are paying a writer $2.50, obviously you are not going to get a very good quality article. I spoke with a few former writers who mentioned that michael also asked them to remove their comments because it was going to or was hurting business. Correct me if I’m wrong, but part of being a business owner is taking the good with the bad and letting people decide for themselves who is the company to use. I was dissatisfied with orders I received from them because they were very general instead of focusing on the topic I requested. While the keywords were used, they were not incorporated in a manner which made the article worth reading. Essentially the articles were about nothing. I have had continual good luck and quality results from and I have also used but as another reviewer mentioned you do not always get your articles right away or all of those ordered due to the set up. But what I have received has still been good quality.

  5. 99 Cent Article is Crap says:

    Used their SEO link building service for months and actually was working great but overnight rankings dropped off the radar overnight from page 1. Paying $500 plus a month to them for a short burst service is totally not worth it. Very unhappy with 99cent articles

  6. I should have done my due diligence before hiring to do work for me.

    On 2/18/2012, I entered into a contract with them to provide SEO services for my websites. 30 days later I had not received any communication from them, consequently I stopped all future payments and contacted the company. Their response was they were short staffed and they would get to the work. 30 days later I had not received anything from them, therefore I requested a refund. Now, 6 months later I have not received my refund.
    It is obvious that I have been scammed and I recommend that you stay clear of this company.

    • I went through a similar situation with 99cent articles when I ordered 2 website videos. I placed the order online, never received any contact from them, after 4 days I finally requested a refund because I had found a new company to use, they tried to appease me instead of giving me my refund, I went back and forth with them for over a month before finally filing for a refund with PayPal. Even though it’s been past the 45 days, you should try and file a PayPal dispute. It never hurts to try. Especially if you can provide them with proof that you were told they were going to fix the situation which is why you didn’t file, but then did not and have since stopped communicating.

  7. Had some dealings with and wow! The writers most definitely did NOT grasp some of the most basic concepts and the research done – if any was done – was extremely poor. We gave them all the info needed, such as the name of the companies they had to write about, company websites and topics. Yet I had to trash most of the articles because they were written about companies in the US that has absolutely no relevance to our country (SA) or the product we were trying to sell.

    Then there was the matter of grammar and punctuation. We specified that it should be written using UK English, yet all was done in US English. One of the articles even had the language setting on English (Philippines) which raised eyebrows.

    All-in-all the quality of content written by 99 Cents can be summed up in one word: atrocious.

  8. I actually worked as a writer for 99CentArticles from March 2010 to August 2011. So here is the scoop – the company is own by two 20-something guys who are decent for all intents and purposes but really only care about filling their pockets. They could probably benefit greatly by hiring a few account managers to make sure all work is completed and checked and what not and customer problems are handled instead of trying to do it all themselves. And by themselves I mean Sean/Michael does the client-dealing. The other guy lacks any ability to maintain professionalism when it comes to dealing with clients or writers. While they provide cheap articles, they are drastically over charging customers on other services.

    Here is a breakdown of what they pay writers:

    $3 per 500 word article (industry standard is $0.008 to $0.01 per word), charging the customer $7.50 – $9 unless you have a warrior forum special or something similar.

    $5 per press release (industry standard is $10 to $15), charge customer $28.75.

    $3 per page for eBooks (this is my personal favorite because they charge between $7 and $10 per page for an eBook).

    I was one writer and was told that I was one of two or three writers. I can only handle so much work in a week. Ryan told me that he outsourced all work I didn’t take on to a company overseas that wrote the articles for $2 a piece. This was a big company, they could churn out 100 articles in a few days. After a few months I moved onto Ebooks and press releases which was fine and I was happy with that, but they were overloading me with work despite telling them I couldn’t handle anymore. Finally I just walked away from them and didn’t look back. They were so rude to me and demanding, it was ridiculous. I was regularly on the receiving end with customers who were upset about lack of communication with them.

    Anyways, now the company outsources the majority of their work to Content Revenue, Content Writers Revenue (something to that effect). It’s a very poorly run company by a girl named Melanie, that is primarily overseas writers and the “owner” (Melanie) pays only $1 per $500 words. I mean, I’m all for making money, but not at the expense of other people. If 99centarticles is charging $7, then paying $3 to the outsource and the outsource owner is paying writers $1… whos actually benefiting from this except for the middle man?

    I regularly pointed out that another company I worked for – The Content Authority – charged $0.01 per word for articles, paid writers $0.008 and editors got $0.15 per article (their system does most of the preliminary work like KWD check, copyscape, dupecheck, passive verb check, grammar and spelling). No, their profits per article are not a lot. But, after 2 years in business next month, they are completing 30,000 articles steadily per month and have thousands of repeat customers. It’s safe to say that they are doing just fine without shafting the writers and without ripping off the customers.

    I can’t say that everything you get from 99centarticles will be crap. I didn’t hate my time with them, at least I did always get paid right away even if it was very little in comparison, but, this is what I know about how they operate and hopefully it will clear some things up and shed some light on things for other people who post reviews.

  9. I order 100 articles from 99 cents. All articles were delivered to me extremely late and what’s worst, they were all rubbish!! Full of spelling, grammar, errors. Syntax all wrong. Worst of all, it’s not for human to read! They were copied and spun from software. I lost 500 dollars. Could not submit to Ezine at all or any other article directories.

    I take pride in my work and proofread everything. What they send me were pure rubbish. I emailed Michael but he refuse to do anything, claiming they were quality articles! When I read the articles, I knew they were not written by native writers.I learn my lesson and moved on.

    Stay AWAY from 99 cents! Michael s not running a genuine business. He’s a Conman!

  10. WritersUK says:

    If you really think you are going to get articles that:-

    1. Follow any special instructions you pass on with regard to keyword placement.

    2. Have perfect grammar and flow.

    3. Are unique and well-researched.

    for the princely sum of 99c per 100 words then I think you need to wake up!!
    Regarding web content, the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ should be tattooed on every site/blog owners head so they can see it every morning.

  11. Melissa says:

    I recently order a bulk of 50 articles from 99 Cents and am glad I did not listen to these reviews on here. Maybe I just got lucky, but I am satisfied with all 50 of my articles. I plan on ordering more from them and I hope this time is as good as the last time.

    To the reviewer who said “Michael is not running a genuine business. He’s a conman!” I think otherwise as I had no problems with him whatsoever. When I asked a question, he responded right away.