The Blueprint Project Black Edition

The Blueprint Project Black Edition

Steve Clyton, Tim Godfrey of  “Blueprint fame” and  3 more marketing guys recently released  yet another product called “The Blue Print project- Black Edition“. Apparently, it’s the most expensive product ever sold through ($1500)

This is not a product review as I don’t have this course yet. But I could imagine the content of this course as I have  Commission Blueprint-2 and Niche Blueprint.  It looks like both the course has been merged in to a MEGA-Course with lots of fluff and fillers. Steve & Tim have been telling the same bird-cage and train-horn story for the past 5 years and made/making millions$$$!

The Blueprint Story:

Previous Blueprint courses were all basic stuffs which was ideal for newbs. However, course content was well crafted, well-documented, well-presented and also well-marketed. You could expect the same in Black Edition.

Their tools are overly hyped. I was member of their so called “IM Advantage” for more than 6 months @ $147 per month and experienced their tools quality first hand. While couple of tools are useful the rest are simply waste of time. I could do better job with the free tools available online. I waited patiently for more than  6 months to see some improvement.  They worked on creating new products instead of improving the existing ones. Bug report, feature enhancement requests were ignored which lead me to say good-bye to theme!

I’ll not be buying this course and won’t buy anymore stuff from these guys for obvious reason.

Here is the list of top 20 Debt-Makers (Millionaire markers?!)

  1. Greg Jacobs –
  2. Mark Ling
  3. Anik Singal .
  4. Jeff Johnson
  5. Ben Shaffer –
  6. Paul Ponna –
  7. Gauher Chaudhry –
  8. Chris Carpenter –
  9. Matt Carter –
  10. Zac Booker –
  11. Jeff Walker
  12. Lina (Miyabi22)
  13. Mark Roth
  14. Mike Ong
  15. Richard Legg
  16. Matt Callen
  17. Danny Wannagat
  18. Sarah Starr
  19. Aiden Booth
  20. Marty Rosmanith

These are the guys/gals promoting  “The Blueprint Project – Black Edition” to their customer/subscribers list hardly by offering gazillion $$$ bonuses (the bonus competition is so high that some people even went to the extent of offering their used underwear!) hahhhhaaaa

New year & Good start 🙂

More to come, unfortunately 😉


  1. Surprise to Matt Carter name there. He is one of the good one.

  2. Financial Solutions says:

    Yes £1500 is a bit steep, it looks like just plain greed.
    I subscribe to some of the marketers on your list and I didn’t think they would promote something so expensive and a waste of time.
    Thank you for your helpful comments.

  3. I recognize a lot of the names on your list. I used to be on their mailing lists but I stopped most of them as it was only “Buy This” emails I was getting.
    I’m surprised to see Matt Carter there, I’m still on his list.
    So how much of the $1500 do they get. That’s a heck of a price.