The MAKO Dominator and AffiliateDotCom

MAKO Dominator & AffiliateDotCom – Not a Review!

This is crazy and weird . These two products have not launched yet; they are still in the process of creating pre-launch buzz. But I have received few dozen emails to review them! How can I review it when I don’t have the product copy yet!

So this is not a review. Just my opinion. Use your brain and make your own judgment.

  1. Product 1: Chris Rempel & Mathew Chitty’s MAKO Dominator

  2. Product 2: Mike Filsaime & Chris Farell’s AffiliateDotCom

The MAKO Dominator:

The MAKO- Dominate Local Search!

I have kept an eye on all the valuable content Chris Rempel shared with his list about  dominating local search market, as part of his MACO Dominator launch. The number of comments he received is really astonishing (and people who begging  to be in the priority order list!) This product will sell out quickly for sure!

I have not the seen the software or live website made with this script. If you watched the video you already know how it works. It looks very simple….just important data feed and Bam!

This software is really awesome for whatever the price tag assuming that it will work. But in my humble opinion when you build site like these, you need bit of luck if you are relying on 100% organic traffic.

Why luck plays a BIG role?

My own experience!

Back in 2006-07 I have actually tried this business model.  I built pure white-hat site in lucrative finance niche; like Mortgage, Credit cards, Payday loan etc. The only difference is that I built sites using  Wordpress. I didn’t use worthless junk content. Infact for my Mortgage site I hired an writer who write for top personal finance website,! Imagine paying upto $8 an article for more than 500 articles! Yes. I spent $1000’s to have the content produced!

I built the site naturally. I mean I didn’t blast 100’s of article in single a single day. My writer would write and publish 3-4 article daily

Unfortunately, all of my websites were Flopped! First I was Sandboxed by Google. Even after months of SEO promotion the sites never appeared in Google. Eventually all of my pages got de-indexed. I just now checked my Mortgage site on Google. Ahh, the home page is still there – Google buried rest of my premium quality  content to the drain!

So my advice is that, you MUST be extra careful with your niche selection and content. If you are going to use some data-feed without making at least 60-75% unique or want to use scraped content, you better NOT to waste your money buying MACO Dominator. Use free or cheap wordpress plugin instead.

As Chris already said, this software is not for everyone. And if you don’t have around $4K to invest without going into further credit card debt, I highly recommend you to stay away from it!

I’m not trying to scare anyone. Infact Chris already mentioned about SandBox issue. He mentioned that his course will teach you to get rid of Google Sandbox.

The Verdict

If you have time and money go for it and start dominating local market like crazy!

The Affiliate Dot Com:

Affiliate Dot Com- Lots of lies, fake proof or scam?

To be honest I only watched  1 video. As usual, MF is so good at creating pre-launch content and creating massive buzz. There is already a discussion thread on WarriorForum about integrity & legitimateness of these pre-launch videos. Someone said these are all fake proof and the method does not works as the video claims.

Chris Farell, one of the very respected marketer in IM circle, probably will have to wipe lots of mud from his face after the launch! What about MF? Very NICE marketer –The whole world knows about him already 😉

And the conclusion:

So my suggestion is that, watch all the free content and try to implement any actionable techniques. Normally with these type of launch there will be NO purchasable content left. The rest of the content could be simply rehashed craps and fillers.

Again, do your own research. Don’t buy it just for the sake of million dollar bonus offered by another Guru.


  1. Thanks for your advice. I’ll miss Mako as I don’t want further debt! I earn pretty decent income from selling collectives on ebay and amazon. But have lots of debt to clear!!!

  2. Review Boss,

    There’s something more to the story re: your blogs that allegedly got deindexed.

    Were you buying/selling links?


    Using WP templates/plugins with security issues?

    It’s a tad contradictory considering how is WP driven, ranks well and is chock-full of good content, no?

    Food for thought.

    Thanks for the mention, though.

    Appreciate your site



    • Welcome back Chris,

      Did nothing wrong with those sites. Still haven’t got a single link; no outbound link at all. Just added premium quality content. As I said earlier…it was a bad luck.

      Infact, this website should have been de-indexed. I did sponsored review earlier (or link selling) So Google penalized me by zeroing my PR. So I stopped sponsored review.

      Seems like both Google and visitors like my Tabloid type approach. And there is genuine user activity and interaction. Most importantly people go to Google and search “product x review by” or “review boss MAKO review” etc! So I get traffic for many BIG products launches for doing nothing (even if I have not written anything about that particular product) That’s probably why I rank well for modestly competitive terms without any backlinks or any effort.

  3. yourfriend says:

    get a real fuckin site this place is ugly as shit. your logo makes me puke

  4. Wow, after the comment from your friend I felt inspired to comment myself. Personally I love your reviews; so direct with no holds barred. I am pretty familiar with several of the Internet Marketing products that you commented and in all cases agree with you implicitly. For instance you Chris Farrell comment about mud on the face, well I have made the exact comment myself (several times). I guess if I were to have any comment at all that could even be remotely consider negative it would be; are there any programs you do like? I was unable to find one…but I was only here for about 30 minutes! Thanks for the job you are doing. I will be back especially around the big launch times which I have come to not believing in at all. They are just like most of the webinars that are out there; wastes of my time.

  5. DO NOT buy Mako from Rempel. We installed it on a site of mine and it was Slapped by Google. Not de-indexed BUT no where to be found on Google. We removed Mako and the site came back! 1 time occurence? Nope!

    My buddy did the SAME thing. Installed MAKO, Site was gone and then he removed it and now it is back.

    Hopefully I save someone some money….mine is gone!

  6. Excellent post! I will possibly check out the mako system and see if it helps out my sites. Seems like google is getting far more aggressive in going after websites nowadays. I have had websites be deindexed several times in a month before. Then again I have also jumped my sites to the top page of google in a week before too.