Unique Valentines Day Gifts for Men

Unique, Creative and Romantic Valentines Day Gifts For Your Man!

Every woman wants to gifts a unique and romantic gift to Him on Valentine’s day.

Confused with many V day gift options? I know, being a girl, how difficult to find a unique, creative and romantic Valentine’s day gift for him. Even I spent nearly 3 days searching for most romantic and unique gift for him on this V day.

preeI have made a list of “most romantic and unique Valentines day gifts for him” so that women can choose the best V day gift for him in no time. I hope that you’ll find it very helpful.

Best Regards and Happy Valenitine Day πŸ™‚ Preethy Sharma

 Read till the end of this article, at the end you have a FREE special Gift !

Customizable Gifts with a personal touch.

Giving a special gift with some personal message or photos printed on it would bring a personal touch to the gift. He will be delighted if you send him something that he loves with your photo or names, messages on it.

We have found 3 V day shopping websites selling dazzling personalized gifts for men.


Send him a Custom-made T-shirt /briefs with messages/photos printed on it

You can get a custom made T-shirt at as low as $10.

Gifting a T-shirt to him with your photo or a naughty message printed on it would dazzle him.

Or give him sexy underwear with your photo or naughty message printed on it. It will definitely thrill him.  

Select “Men’s T-shirt” and then customize as per your and his taste.

Visit Shirtcity Website



Send Romantic message in a sexy bottle

Imagine how he would feel when you send him a message in a sexy bottle. This gift was considered as most romantic Valentine day gift in Ophra show.

Let Pristine Clear Bottle Cradle Your Message with Rich Burgundy Silk Rose Petals. A Huge Romantic Hit for Valentines Day! It exudes richness and speaks to love and romance. Handcrafted with a custom pewter label, it is a one of kind elegant and unique gift

The crystal clear heart-shaped bottle “The Key To My Heart” that cradles a romantic personal message and a key into the heart bottle speaks volumes. These bottles come in finest quality birch wood crafted crates, but it is optional. 

Timelessmessage.com has wonderful collection of beautiful bottles and also touching messages. (For messages, select “messages” from the top menu bar and then “love and love and relationships” in the side menu bar and then “Valentines day” from sub menu.

Visit Timelessmessage website


Gifts with customized message (photos) printed or engraved.

Here you get a wide variety of outstanding gifts at affordable prices which can be customized with engraved or printed messages.

It has special Valentine’s day collection that includes 100’s of  customizable gifts like lockets, key chains, wallets, beautiful coffee mugs with your names and photos printed on it, Tote Bags, ladies T-shirts, Picture frames, Glass items, paper weights, photo albums and many more..

A wallet, keychain or a glass show piece with your photos, name printed on or inside it would be a unique gift to your loved one. Wallet with your initials printed on it would be a nice gift for him.

The prices start from $5

Visit Memorablegifts website


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Gift Baskets that will make V day’s evening a perfect one

How about sending gift basket with many exiting thing that will make your V day perfect one?

Let him feel your love to its fullest this time!


 Both of you can enjoy with the gift boxes.

Giving a gift basket with some Perfume, chocolates, wine, Champagne, bathing soap, body cream, and shower gel would fill your he-man with delight. These will make a perfect evening for both of you.

You can get these types of Gift baskets at Givensandhalpern.com. Select “V day” or “Love and Romance” category to view a collection of romantic gift baskets.

The “Bubbles and Bubbly” gift basket would bring Bubbles in the bath and bubbles in the glass on your day. It would be thrilling exotic experience.

Price start from $45

Visit Givensandhalpern website


Have Heavenly pleasure

Romantic Gifts.com

Unimaginable pleasure gifts Baskets here!

If you decide to spend sometime with him in bedroom on this Valentine’s day, make it memorable one by getting some naughty gift for him. Here is a store that sells love enhancing items which would make V day a memorable one throughout life.

These are things that make intimate moments unforgettable by bringing added ecstasy in sexual relationships. Romantic Gifts.com has some awesome gifts this time.

Surprise him this time by giving something that he hasn’t expected. Select “Gifts for him category”. You would get unimaginable collection of 100’s of gift boxes.

Buy a box of “52 weeks of naughty nights scratch cards” or some exiting gels for him here.

Prices start from $30

Visit Romantic Gifts website


Send beautiful Flower baskets to him.

Flowers speak volumes. Valentine’s day does not become a complete one without gifting flowers to him. You can send a basket with beautiful flowers to his doorsteps through Flora2000.com.

It has a wide range of flower baskets. You will have to select the place where you are going to send the flowers to first. You can send him “Sunshine Basket”, a basket filled with beautiful flowers which will convey trust and pure love.

Prices start from $50

Visit Flora website


A wonderful Perfume gift set

If he is madly in love with fragrance, give him sexy gift sets of special perfume, the very smell of which reminds him of you and your love every time he uses it.

Parfumparfum.com has a wide variety of men’s fragrances. Select “For men” Category or “Gift sets” and then select a perfect one for your loved one.

Seductive and precious, Bvlgari pour Homme ‘Soir’,  the richest and most sophisticated fragrance of the Bvlgari pour Homme collection would bring him to Mood!

Visit Parfumparfum website


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FREE yet Best Gift: Send him a Smile Box

And here is the free gift I promised you earlier.

If you have captured the sweet and intimate moments that you have had with your sweetheart, then send him a smile box, a special amazing V-day card with your own photos, videos, text and music.

Email him the special smile box.

He will be dumbfounded when she watches it.  This can also be printed or burned to DVD and played on TV. She will treasure it. 

Free Treasurable Gift

Send him a Smile Box!

Free yet invaluable Valentine day Gift 

You can download amazing software from Smilebox.com. It is a easy to use software with which a personalized e-card can be made within minutes.

They have 14 day free trial now. Even if you don’t give your credit card information the software can be used for 14 days for free.

Just wonderful. You can select from 750 wonderful designs, 2000 songs and also can have your own music, videos, photos, messages in it.

Premium version Of Smile box: It costs just $5.99 per month or $39.99 ($3.33 per month) per year. But worth buying it.

Free Version of smile box:  If you want to use it just this time go for FREE option, so that you need not pay anything.

After he watches it, you would definitely get a tight hug with strong kiss!

Visit Smilebox website to download software now!

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There you have it.

Once again I hope that you have found these sites and my V-day gift ideas very useful. Feel free to leave your comment below.

No matter what gift you send to your sweetheart… don’t forget to send a Free SmileBox to him πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›



  2. Great gift-post! Found you through Google and you blog looks good.

  3. DatingAdvice says:

    Valentine dating advice seems to pretty generic. Send flowers, chocolates, out to a nice dinner. Why not take your loved on an exciting adventure such as white water rafting, surfing lessons, or even to great concert.

  4. Leather Briefcases says:

    Men love personalized gifts. Last year i recieved a trophy from my wife that said best husband and my name. I think that piece of trophy is the best gift i have gotten so far. Nice post by the way…

  5. Great article. Really like the customizable tshirt. Pretty funny running around with a tshirt that your loved one designed!

    The other ideas are great too but I simply like the tshirts best.