Wealthy Affiliate 3 Reviewed

Wealthy Affiliate 3.0 Reviewed– Upgraded to Wealthy Affiliate Platinum!

The Last Product Review You Ever Have to Read About Making Money Online!

First of all, let me make a promise to you – this is not another brainwash BOGUS affiliate review which you can see around the net promoting BS, CRAP and Get rich quick scams! (Too many around)


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I’ve written many Internet marketing products review. In most of the reviews I recommended Wealthy Affiliate. But haven’t written a comprehensive review of Wealthy affiliate yet. Last week Kyle & Carson (the founders of WA) released Wealthy affiliate 3. They are adding lots of new features, tools and resources to WA3 throughout January and February.

  • Don’t forget to claim your bonus report Super Fast Affiliate Profit- Cheat Sheet from me when you join WealthyAffliate.com through my link. This is a special guide I wrote for my friend who was forced to work from home after an accident. More details maybe found at the end of this article.

Here is the sneak peak of Wealthy Affiliate University…

Show Me Money! Copy Your Competition:

Mr. X is making lots of money. I want to copy his success formula and steal a small portion. How? There is a cool tool inside the WA where you can spy PPC competition secretly. A similar tool has been sold on the Internet for $1000 by a foul mouth con artist named “Rich Jerk.”

Look at My Shoulder! One-on-One Couching:

Can you show me mentor/couch who will login to your Adwords account and tweak your ads; Visit your landing page and give you recommendation; re-write the article you wrote- all for less than a buck a day? Wealthy Affiliate founders Kyle and Carson’s do it!

Information Goldmine! Community Forum.

At the time of writing this review, WA forum has over 98,000.00 posts and articles; and more than 50% of those posts/articles contains unique marketing and money making ideas! Some self proclaimed experts marketers sell a 60 page ebook for $97, which in reality a rehashed garbage! How many ebooks are hiding in your computer?

Keywords Craze! Many Money Words.

I don’t know how many keyword research tools you own; I personally own few. What I later discovered is I really don’t have to use any expensive keywords tool to promote affiliate programs/products. You need a simple one- one which will give you relevant keyword results. If you want to promote “product A” you should focus on keyowrds related to “Product A” only- NOT product B, C or Z.

There is a very simple yet very powerful keyword research tool in WA. And for an affiliate marketing this tool is more than enough. Moreover, you get well researched keywords list for many hot selling products.

The Money Magnet -Feeder Sites!

No web skill? No problem! There is a ready made feeder site which you can promote by a single click. Promote proven, tested and high converting products.

Easy Click Website Builder: Site Rubix.

Want to design your own website? That’s easy! Use SiteRubix, a $40,000 web development software- you get free access to it in addition to highly optimized and tested templates. (You also get world class web hosting for free)

Don’t Jump and Scramble- Use The Ladder.

Constructing your business around affiliate marketing is like building a building brick-by-brick. You get access to “8 week plan”, no matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced marketer. This course is simple to read, understand an implement- no fluffs and fillers here. You get real stuffs!

Easy Money – WA Jobs.

Do you have any special skills like programming, designing and writing etc? In such case , head over to WA Jobs and accept a freelance project. This is a cool way to earn some money instantly!

Alright, there are too many membership sites for affiliate marketing couching. How will you compare WA with other sites?

Let’s solve this puzzle. Let me compare Wealthy afflaite with Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliate (Ewen Chia is one of the most respected affiliate and IM guru)

Wealthy Affiliate V/s Super Affiliates


Wealthy Affiliate

Super Affiliate

One-on-One coaching Yes No
Free Web hosting Yes No
Free website builder Yes No
Video Training Yes Yes (Very Basic)
Free Software & tools Yes No
Step-by-step learning resources Yes Yes (eBook
Special PPC couching Yes No
Market research tools Yes No
Keywords list Yes Yes-Only to promote super affiliate!
Turnkey feeder site Yes No- You get PLR business in a box
Interactive forums Yes No
Resources & course Yes Yes- Limited
Monthly Cost $29.97 $47.00

Now listen to me carefully. I would earn around $35 per month if I promote Super affiliates. But I’d only earn $20 per month by promoting Wealthy affiliates. However, I’m going to promote WA only. The reason is very simple. You’ll stick to WA forever. But you’ll cancel your Super Affiliate subscription after first month. Or worst- you may get refund!

Your Action Steps:

  • Join Wealthy Affiliate
  • Then goto “General Success” section in the forum. Read those 1000’s of success stories and get inspired.
  • Visit WA share zone and download top 10 user contributed guides and resources (free)
  • If you need killer niche ideas right away just go to the “Niche Q” section
  • Forward your receipt to admin(no-spam)reviewboss.com : (replace “no-spam” with “@”) You get my “Super fast affiliate profit – cheat-sheet.” This is a special guide I wrote for one of my friend who lost his leg in an accident. He was forced to work from home after losing his car, job and most importantly his leg :( In this guide I explained my tested, proven method of making money by promoting affiliate programs with absolutely zero investment.
  • And finally head over to your “8 Week action plan” at WA– that’s important!

My Last word before closing this review:

Sure, there are still many unlucky and unfortunate (mostly Lazy) newbies who struggle and cry on the forum; there are people who haven’t made a single sale even after being a member of WA for 6 months. That’s the “Law of Average”– there is no single solution for everyone. However, your investment is protected with 30 days money back guarantee.

If you agree what I said then join Wealthy Affiliate Now 😛



  1. I clicked through your $1 Trial signup offer but the initial startup cost is still $39 per month.
    Maybe you should adjust your banner or find out if this is still available from The Wealthy Affiliate University?

    Thanks for the great review and various comments.

  2. I joined this Wealthy Affiliate University a week ago before cancelling. I admit the site was full of a lot of informations. But what is it talking about? Nothing but tips to improve your Clickbank, Google Adwords, or Squidoo lens site. Which means, you ain't going to earn squat unless someone clicks on your ad. You have to learn the whole process probably a months worth of reading to understand it all.

  3. Hi Review Boss,

    First of all many thanks for your honest and interesting reviews- I wish I'd found the page before…I really appreciate what you are doing here, even if it is an affiliate guru strategy of it's kind – still great!;)

    Unfortunatelly, I do NOT have a special education in marketing (not even mention IM) – I'm a linguist (thus not really technical) plus a busy mum, that said no chance for a full-time education now. At the moment, I don't even own a website to be honest… So I'm a total newbie;however, not giving hope of making living my online someday. Living,not millions – I'm being realistic here:)

    I've learned my lesson being a bit naive trusting IM gurus' hype already, so it's a matter of being more careful about investing into stuff…You see I used to be a member of Stone Evan's Plug-In for Profite Site system, however finished opting-out.. I honestly can't call myself lazy – just couldn't afford THAT much start capital, that's it. The program has sooo many hidden costs in it.. Although the guiding was great ( they have a 30-day training program which by the way encourages you to invest 5-250 bucks at the end of EACH day! – hadrly acceptable to ANY newbie I believe!). I also fell into Automated Cash Formula by Dave Gale (yep, I wish I found your revirew a bit earlier) and stuff like that.

    Review Boss, please could you kindly cooment on Plug-for-Profit Site and how WA is different from that? Also, would you recommend me to join-in WA? I'm not a total ZERO in IM but still got a looong way to go:) By the way, do I have to own a domain at the time I join WA? Do they provide any tips on choosing the right niche?

    Thanks a million in advance. Really hope to hear from you soon 😉

    • Jana,
      Well, I really appreciate your enthusiasm…great! My reviews are not Affiliate guru strategy… it's just my strategy.

      I know that 100's of people made money with plug-in-profit site (PIPS) PIPS is not a real business; it's a kind of pyramid scheme where you have recruit members to make money. It online version on old age chain business or MLM. You can make money with PIPS only if you are willing to invest a lot.

      Okay, I'm biased about wealthy affiliate because I promote it. Wealthy affiliate is the place where you learn "a-z affiliate marketing" you get essential tools; you get personal help from Kyle & Carson. Plus the forum is full of helpful posts and helping members.

      You really don't need a website to make money. But having a domain name is always preferred. If you decide to own a website then you get free hosting from WA. Just spend 8 bucks for a good domain name.

      Just follow 8 weeks course..you'll learn about choosing the right niche to building successful website. I hope that your questions are answered 🙂

      • Hello Review Boss,

        Thank you so much for your reply! I really appreciate it. I mean, it's pretty hard to get through to most of precious people online, especially in IM business…people who actually KNOW what they're talking about – unless it's an agressive sales person trying to get you to invest another 497$ to finally increase your salas..yeah, right 🙂

        WA sounds interesting, think I'll join it and try and see at as a long-time training prior the business itself.

        I'm also considering Chris Stigson's personal coaching. I actually have some of his stuff already, like Lazy Million Dollars e-book and his course which consists of free traffic methods. Unfortunately, there's not much of a review found on Chris's products/services on the web…(or is it just me?) I believe I have seen a few of his posts/comments on this site. Review Boss, what do you think about the guy and his products/ coaching?

        Please can you kindly advise on the above?

        Thanking you in advance. Hope to hear from you soon.

        • Sorry, really don't know anything about this guy. Before joining any mentoring program make sure that it's one-on-one personal coaching!

  4. G'day there Review boss,

    I have gone through your site and have found it very impressive. Great Job. Just wondering how the hell do you review so many different products?

    I am deifnately impressed with your Wealthy Affiliate Review. I will deifnately be joining them through your website. I am currently unemployed for the 1st time in 20yrs and probably could survive another 3mths without working. If i was to spend 5hrs per day on Weathy Affiliate how long do you thing it would take to start seeing some money coming in? I am a very passionate and dedicated.

    Cheers Andrew

  5. alex alaska p says:


    you've got a great info blog. why not make it easier to subscribe to by putting your "sign up" form in a BIG BOX in the upper right corner. it took me awhile before i found our little sign up button. i don't know how many awesome blog/sites that make it difficult to sign up to or just don't have a means to subscribe to. lol

    alex alaska p

  6. I am very interested in WA and I plan to join on your site. I wanted if there is an error in your math on the per month charge you show $29.97 and the site indicates $39.97. Which is correct?

    How do I claim the cheat sheet and get you as a mentor if that is what you are offering.

    My adult son is unemployed and I would like to see if he would like to give this a try, currently he can't afford
    gravy! Can I allow him to learn thru my site, build his own niche. My goal is to get him going and then
    eventually have him sign up as a regular wa member.

    Thank you
    Roberta G bertie1@tampabay.rr.com

    ps: I will most likely sign up as soon as I receive your response. Thank you

    • It was 29.97 earlier; now the price 39.97. However, if you choose the annual payment option the effective cost remains $29.97. Once you joined WA using the link on this page, just forward it to admin(at)reviewboss.com to claim your bonus 🙂

  7. Well this one was definitely a good review. It takes these kinds of reviews to make people pull out money. Anyways I’m thinking about getting it because I’m a newbie. I congratulate you on it but before I buy what are the bonuses.

    • Van Dexter says:

      I have researched this opportunity as well and compared it with several others, one of which was the Super Affiliate and your analysis is correct. I have also compared it with MLM Lead System Pro, which is a great program for those who want to build an MLM business but the one on one coaching is exceptional to any of these program at this point and in my opinion has a superior value. Good job and keep up the good reviews as I too teach marketers of all levels the skill of marketing online. God Bless

  8. Chris Lakatos says:

    I took a look at my friend’s WA account and like the clickbank tool that it has.. but what is the difference between WA & PPCcoach.com and some other coaching courses in the WF ? I am also interested in ppcoach so need to gather more opinions between the two.


  9. jon mcdonough says:

    i appreciate your review and have been looking into WA for a while and just cant decide im a father with a familiy 2 kids and a wife so we are on a budget and i also still have a full time job ( but dont want to do it the rest of my life) how much time work and effort do i have to put into the program before i start generating some income because with a familiy time is limited sometimes also is WA a wise choice

  10. I am a total rookie to IM and will be buying Wa through your site. As a complete rookie to IM and affiliate marketing do you recommend that I continue to consider buying Affiliate Genie?

  11. Thanks for all the great and honest reviews. I took the plunge and ordered WA and AG through your site.

    I can say that in my endeavor to develop sites, fill them with good, original, honest expert like content, and follow up with rapid service issues, I consider you as a role model to follow. It is somewhat intimidating to reach toward the heights of your excellence but what a huge blessing to have you as a role model to follow. I am truly humbled by the huge tasks in front of me and definitely exhilarated and scared!

    As a younger man, new to paramedic medicine I had an opportunity to partner with the premier paramedic in a company of over 350 paramedics and EMT’s in a huge city where the 911 workload was a stressful demand on decision making and precision as we attempted to save lives. Most EMT’s and paramedics in the company shuttered at the thought of being a partner on the same ambulance with this general of all paramedics. I accepted the partnership opportunity. Like now, I was also humbled by the huge tasks in front of me and definitely exhilarated plus beyond that, terrified that I would never measure up and minimum, look like a fool for even trying to be in a partnership with the best of the best paramedics or worst case, freeze up during a 911 call and cause severe suffering or death to the people I so desperately wanted to serve. I took the plunge. In the end, after a few years together we were considered the premier team and broke several international records of achievement related to the industry. After a couple years of being a partner with a top paramedic I not only shared the most incredible victories and defeats in trying to save lives but also gained a best friend for life. Eventually I burned out on the daily hardships that come with witnessing so much death and dying and am now attempting to succeed in another arena.

    Now, my new challenge to succeed could determine the financial life or death for me and my new young family. I am SCARED again! However, I now have a general (RB) in my new business of choice to follow and I plan on enduring the trials and errors that await me because I again plan to someday be internationally recognized in my new endeavor as a premier member of the IM community.

    See you at the top, thanks for the ladder!!!

  12. Kristjan Orn Eliasson says:

    Now they charge you $97 pr. month!
    You gave them a bad review in 2007 – what has changed?
    What´s your view on Affilorama (Mark Lang)?


    Kristjan Orn

  13. Well I finally found a positive review and I have to say, I could not disagree with you more. I suspect this may be because you are probably fairly accomplished in internet marketing. Six months ago I was a complete newbie; but I am not dumb and I am extremely motivated to succeed in IM. I did alot of research before I joined WA. They seemed to be the answer to as close to a “one stop shopping experience” that you could get in this industry; and for all the reasons you mentioned. However once inside I discovered a huge over promise and under deliver scenario. The keyword tool you mentioned is pretty good. It is the only tool on the whole site that I could get to work for me. There are much better tools on the market of course, Market Samurai, Micro-niche Finder, and Word Tracker for instance. Many of the top AW people are affiliates for these products. The Article rewriter in basically no functional. Rubix, is amazing in the fact that it is a website building tool with no instructions on how to use it. There is a pretty good “how to” in the forum but…going back and forth between the windows is terribly cumbersome. The content could use a complete overhaul. A complete updating is in order. I don’t remember a single video on the whole site. Yes I do, AWeber and every time you hit the “see the video”, the link was broken. So you relied on the instructions themselves which in several places were out of date. I opted out about the time they took on WordPress blogging (which is a great thing) but I figured if nothing else worked on this site, why should this. Lastly I was grandfathered in at the $39 price but I knew in my heart when they raised the price to $97 they were in effect holding out their middle fingers to newbies. I will say I have found much better alternatives for the old same amount of money. I could go on and on about my bad experiences with this one, but won’t…I did ask about a refund just for the fun of it and they came back with something like our content is so proprietary we could not do that. Believe me, their content is so outdated, most of it can be found out on the web for free and if you throw in the non-working or difficult to use tools into the mix well like I said…I will just can it at this point.

    • WA is no more my #1 recommended product, mainly because it’s expensive. For $97 you can get much better value. I’m still looking for an alternative product

  14. Charley chris says:

    I am currently subscribed to wealthy affiliate. Some weeks ago, they sent me a message via their newsletter that they “will be increasing the price to $197 in the near future”. Please contact me if you find a #1 recommendation in place of wealthy affiliate. I myself cannot afford $97 talk less of $197.